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Sunday Stripped - Acoustic performances from the biggest names in rock/metal

Listen to past shows here.

Drowning Pool is out with Saliva. CJ will talk to us about the musical chairs of singers. It's funny, his Wife and I are working on a project together. I'll play some Saliva and Drowning pool. Have you ever heard the story about Finger Eleven's original name, and eventhough it was awful, the record label wanted them to keep it? Blink 182 talks about all the tragedy within the band over the years and how they've gotten back together and are thriving. 


Listen on Amazon Music here.

Listen on iHeart Radio here.

Listen on Podbean here.

Don't forget to check out our brand new show - LIVE AND LOUD. If you like it in YO FACE - click here.



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• Shinedown - How Did You Love

• Shinedown - Atlas Follows

• Finger Eleven  - Paralyzer

• Saliva - Your Disease

• GHOST - Square Hammer

Velvet Revolver - Fall To Pieces

• Drowning Pool - 37 Stitches

• Saliva - Your Disease

• Falling in Reverse - Last Resort

• Papa Roach - Face Everything And Rise

• Blink 182 - All The Small Things



Affiliates so far:

• 95 WIIL ROCK - Chicago, IL - site here. (Sunday 9AM - 10AM CST)

• WRIF - Detroit, MI - site here. (Sunday 11AM - 12N EST)

 Rock 106 - Savannah, GA - site here. (Sunday - 7AM - 8AM - EASTERN) 

• Rock 92.7 - Corpus Christi, TX - site here(Sunday - 10AM - 11AM CST)

• Rock 105.9 - Gadsden, Anniston, Oxford, Pell City, AL - site here. (Sunday - 12PM - 1PM CST)

• Rock 108 - Cedar Rapids/Waterloo Iowa - site here. (Sunday 7AM CST)

• 103.1 The Edge - Twin Falls, Idaho - site here(Saturday 12N. Sunday 5PM MST)

Rock 105 - Huntington, WV - site here. (Sunday 12n-1pm EST)

• RADIO QDX -  International - site here(Sunday 3PM - 4PM EST)

• 107.5 Pirate Radio - Panama City, FL - player here. (Sunday 10AM-11AM CST) Defunct 

• Rock Rage Radio - International - site here. (Sunday 7AM - 8AM EASTERN) DOUCHE BAGS!

• 93.7 KAZY - Cheyenne, WY- site here. (Sunday 6pm - 7PM MST)

• 101.1 The KROW - Cody, WY- site here. (Sunday 9AM - 10AM MST)

 DiscoverYouRadio - International - site here. (Sunday 1PM - 2PM MST)



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