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  2. The 2nd day the manager showed up and he said, "Kramer, you should just go home. You don't need to be here." I would have just said fuck that and quit, or called his boss and told him what he said. A radio station in that kind of time is supposed to be there for the community. That place sound toxic af.
  3. art playin more dope shit this old shit lame af
  4. dont nobod ker about yo shitty ass talk show peeps liked yo shit on 97x man but that politic stuff is borin af man get on a reel stashun shit homie make it happen and tell x to st
  5. With as many cities you've been on the radio in, you have enough of an audience to make a go of it with podcasting. You just have to get serious about it.
  6. I always thought of you as a big fish in a small pond. And it doesn't seem like you like that. The last year you seemed like you were going thru the motions.....sorry but truth. Too you'd sound better on X97.
  7. Congrats on the ratings broham. I dont remember hearing you on X but omg I can only imagine.
  8. that station put on alex jones and i was so pissed but i had you kramer so i was fine. this shit they play now in the morning is the most generic shit i ever heard so now i dont listen.
  9. Hi Kramer, I too listened to your morning show since day 1 after Darrell left. I moved to Dublin Ga 2 years ago just before Michael hit and still listened via tune in, I had my sister and brother in law loving your show within 2 days of their listening as well. When you announced you were leaving I could have cried! My brother in law Melton called your show many times to comment on topics. (I’m too shy!) We love your personality. You are one of a kind for sure. Panama City was very lucky to have you after Michael for all your hard work in getting the info out that people needed. I hope Magic
  10. ⁶Your boy played a huge part in you being #1 the audience hated me, but they always wanted to hear what I had to say (even though they'll never admit it), you had a damn good show for Panama City & you wouldn't bow to their bullshit, fuck magic broadcasting, newstalk 101 & 97x, ill never listen to any of them again, don mccoy can suck my dick....Jason, the 1st caller ever morning...
  11. (I was writing this on Facebook and then it told me I had too many words, so screw Facebook, I'll put it here on MY site.) KRAMER UPDATE: In radio, in a smaller market like Panama City, you get ratings much later. I found out yesterday that my morning show ratings for Spring 2020 were #1 for men 25-54 and #1 for men 35-64. I've never talked about this, but I'm going to now. When I first got to WYOO - my job was to program News Talk 101 and do the morning show. We got here 3 years ago in October. In December of that first year they fired me - unofficially. I
  12. Whether you do a podcast, or a show on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch TV, or any other platform - in order to stand out, you need professional IMAGING. That's why you need Keith Kramer. Kramer is a FIVERR'S CHOICE. This is a VERY rare badge on Fiverr: CLICK HERE TO ORDER. IMAGING is your show intros, show outros, drops for your show, rejoiners, intros to show elements . . . professionally done to help you stand out, and command attention. RIGHT NOW THERE ARE OVER 750,000 PODCASTS. WHAT SETS YOU APART? Kramer has over 1500 cons
  13. 1 Kathy Jacobs/Instagram Kathy Jacobs is a 56-year-old model who is making her debut in the pages of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Coincidentally, the original swimsuit issue ran the year that Kathy was born – 1964. 2 Kathy Jacobs/Instagram From Calabasas, California, Kathy is hoping her appearance in the issue will continue to push forward how people perceive beauty. 3 Kathy Jacobs/Instagram 4 Kathy Jacobs/Instagram 5 Kathy Jacobs/Instagram 6
  14. Texas school district keeps policy that banned student with dreadlocks from graduating https://www.theboneonline.com/news/trending/texas-school-district-keeps-policy-that-banned-student-with-dreadlocks-graduating/NVWIVKRZRJBXLJS3UIGVHCYMZU/ MONT BELVIEU, Texas — A Texas school district will uphold a policy that requires male students to keep their hair above a certain length. Kaden Bradford and De’Andre Arnold made headlines in January after the two high school students were suspended from the Barbers Hill Independent School District in Mont Belvieu, Texas, for having dreadl
  15. Living the dream being a social worker for 20+ years and still making 30k.
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