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  2. Locally in Panama City, FL, the 'rock' station here has been about as lame as it can get for a few years. So iHeart put their "rock" station on a stronger signal that had been doing talk. That talk station was actually doing pretty well. Here's the news when it broke: So let's take a look at some randomly sampled music they play. Absolutely AWFUL. I cannot bring myself to understand why there are not more ROCK RADIO PEOPLE bitching and raising the roof about the PURE SHIT companies are putting out. Oh wait, no no no, I know what it is, there ARE no rock radio people anymore because radio killed them. Okay - shit, I forgot. So, I cannot bring myself to understand why there are not more ROCK RADIO LISTENERS bitching and raising the rook about the PURE SHIT companies are putting out. Oh wait, no no no, I know what is is, there ARE NO ROCK RADIO LISTENERS because radio killed THEM! I'm a dumbass. Let me put all of this in to perspective. Here are the years of all the songs above: • Learning To Fly - Pink Floyd - 1987 • Better Man - Pearl Jam - 1994 • Animal - Def Leppard - 1987 • Sweet Child of Mine - Guns N Roses - 1987 • Dragula - Rob Zombie - 1998 • Under The Graveyard - Ozzy - 2019 • Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol - 1982 • Come Out and Play - Offspring - 1994 • Happiest Days of - Pink Floyd - 1979 • Knockin on Heaven's Door - GnR - 1990 • Spoonman - Soundgarden - 1994 • Come Together - Aerosmith - 1978 • Rock The Casbah - The Clash - 1982 • All Apologies - Nirvana - 1993 • I Love Rock n Roll - Joan Jett - 1981 • Caught Up In You - .38 Special (LOL) - 1982 • Numb - Linkin Park - 2003 • Rock N Roll - Led Zepplin - 1971 • New Years Day - U2 - 1983 • Today - Smashing Pumpkins - 1993 • Crazy Train - Ozzy - 1980 21 songs picked at random times. Out of those songs: 1 is from the last 20 years, and that's from Ozzy, a 72 year old man. 7 are from the 90's. 9 are from the 80's. 3 are from the 70's. ---------------------------------------- Let's say you were listening to a rock station in 1995. To put it in perspective, this is what the above would look like. 1 new song from a 72 year old man. 7 songs from the 60's. 9 songs from the 50's. 3 songs from the 40's.
  3. You haave made some really good points there. I checked on the weeb to learn more about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this site. аквапарк дубай переезд в дубай путевкив дубай из астаны
  4. The Conservative Social Worker • Good voice. • Mic sounds good for the most part. The acoustics drive me crazy, but that's because I'm an audio snob. • Background photo is good. But it's 'meh' good. You need to get a professional logo created. There are some great people on Fiverr who do it. • As the intro plays and you come on, I'm wondering why you even refer to yourself as a social worker. What does that have to do with anything? You mentioned other social workers who are conservative and how you want to hear their stories. Why? If being a social worker that's conservative is a minority, and that's who you're speaking to while doing the show, how many new people do you think are going to listen to any of it? You've EXTREMELY limited your potential audience with the play on 'social worker'. Don't misunderstand, I get what you're trying to do - you're trying to carve a niche out by being in a profession where everyone's a Democrat. It's like Caitlyn Jenner - OMG she/he's a conservative . . . wow. You wrote the following to me in your original correspondence: "Social Work is a profession typically associated with the liberal end of the political spectrum and conservative students are rare. In school for example, I was always the black sheep in class because I was the only one with conservative views in the classroom that I was aware of and I debated professors alot in class. So, this show is also to help show other conservative social workers out there that they are not alone. We can still practice the profession and have the views we have, even if they are different from the majority of our classmates and after that our co-workers." College as a WHOLE is Liberal. You weren't the rare conservative in the classroom, you were the rare conservative in COLLEGE. In my opinion, your angle should be THE ANGRY YOUNG CONSERVATIVE. You should play up the fact that you're young, are college educated, and you're brave enough to stand up and preach conservatism until the cow's come home. In fact, shit, I think that would be a cool name for the show - THE ANGRY YOUNG CONSERVATIVE. By doing this, yes, you're encouraging other young conservatives to listen to what you're saying, but you open up your demographic broadly to be 25-54, easily. • Lose the script. You're basically reading to people. It sounds like someone who wrote a speech and is practicing reading it. If you're going to convey true emotion, you have to say it how you feel it. You should ALWAYS PREPARE for your show, but it should be bullet points about what you want to talk about. List them out 1 - 2- 3 - 4, etc. As you're talking, glance at your notes and continue on. LOSE THE SCRIPT. • THE MOST IMPORTANT CONTENT - A+ A+ A+ - what you're talking about - inner cities being crap. When you said if I did my job like democrats have done theirs, I'd be fired - I've said THAT EXACT thing a BILLION times. All the political correct crap within the media - 100% spot on how you put it. I could go on - but ALL of the content is 100% right on the money. Overall - the most important part is that your content is blisteringly perfect. How you're delivering it isn't going to drive any passion. If you want people to respond, be pissed without the script. I realllly think you're limiting your potential audience by the name. You're putting yourself in a box by talking to fellow conservative social workers. I mean, sure let it be known that's what you are, but that shouldn't be the focal point of your identity. I haven't developed it fully yet, but a play on THE ANGRY YOUNG CONSERVATIVE - there's something there. I'm going to think about this some more. You definitely have what it takes to become a listened to young voice within Conservative politics, we just need to frame it better. I love your enthusiasm, intellect and opinions!
  5. Hello there, it's Chief Keef with a public service announcement. Here's how to know if you're a basic bitch. #1 CONSTANTLY "vague booking". Vague Booking is when you get on Facebook and post shit like "I can't go on", "OMG I'm devastated I can't take it anymore," or memes that say stupid shit like, "Just because I don't show it doesn't mean I don't feel it". Then you get like 30 people to comment, "OH MY GAWD SARA what's wrong?," "Are you okay baby? TEXT ME!" And then they post, "I just don't wanna talk about it." THEN WHY THE FUCK DID YOU FACEBOOK ABOUT IT? If you've got time to Facebook about your devastation, then it's probably some basic shit. #2 Do you have a tattoo of an anchor that says "I REFUSE TO SINK"? Trademark symbol of a BASIC BITCH! Bitch, that's an anchor. THEY SINK! Some of them weigh like thousands of pounds. If you can get that to float, I'll suck your dick. If you're gonna get "refuse to sink" tattooed on you, at least get a picture of a life jacket, a bobber, or Hell, even a styrofoam cup. You basic bitch. #3 Do you know that benny bangs shit where you cut your bangs really short and straight across, died your hair lives matter black? You think you look like a pinup, but really you really look like Slingblades little Sister, Earl. You look like the chicken from Looney Tunes. You look like your forehead has a balcony. What the fuck is that, an awning? You're a basic bitch! #4 Is Marilyn Monroe your idol? Is she? lol. We get it, I mean, she's the king of all things basic bitch. YOU see an icon of that era. Me? I see a gold digging, pill poppin' 2 dollar whore that was difficult to work with. She was an okay actress. She was REALLLLY good at ruining marriages. Basically you're idolizing Lindsay Lohan of the 40's. She probably had a funky vagina. It probably smelled like fried bologna, dog vomit and bloody bunyons. #5 Did you fall for the tramp stamp fad? I'm willing to bet you got a foot tattoo and some retarded ass paragraph on your rib cage. Probably an excerpt from a poem, or maybe a recipe for buttermilk basic bitch biscuits? #6 Do you drive a Mustang? Who would've guessed? The basic bitch-mobile. Only a female would spend $30k on a Ford Mustang thinking that it's "BAD ASS". The only thing muscle about a Ford Mustang is the muscle head bitch behind the wheel. #7 Do you work as a receptionist for a local business office, but you have it down on social media that you're a "MODEL"? Let me tell you something, if you have to pay people for your photo shoots, you're not a "model". You're just a narcissistic bitch who's really good at paying photographers. If you have to pay people to take picture of you, I got news for you, the only one who wants to see them ... is YOU! #8 Did you shave off half your head and think you look unique and trendy? Bitch, you look like Skrillex. And let me tell you something, nobody wants to fuck Skrillex. Other tell tale signs of being a basic bitch are . . . being overly in to sports. Purchasing Luke Bryan tickets. Not being able to hold a gun without posting 37 pictures to social media. Making it OVERLY understood that you hunt . . . or fish. Wearing Cowboy boots with dresses, like you're the gay Wyatt Earp. If you're a basic bitch, it's not too late. You can delete all of your social media and pretend you never existed. Good luck.
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  15. https://www.fiverr.com/yourimagingguy/make-your-podcast-sound-like-a-million-dollars
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  17. CLICK PLAY BELOW TO HEAR THE KRAMER KOMMENTARY There is no backing down from Gwen Berry even as the criticism poured in this week over her decision to turn her back on the podium while the national anthem played at U.S. Olympic track and field trials. Berry on Wednesday responded to a tweet demanding her to respect the flag and the national anthem. The Olympian hammer thrower said her goal is just to compete and bring home gold for the U.S. Her demonstrations have led to calls from conservative voices for her to step aside. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas., and Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Sen., have been among the loudest voices. Berry has received support from many on social media, including Olympic legend Michael Johnson. Berry made the Olympic team as a hammer thrower after finishing third last weekend at the trials behind DeAnna Price and Brooke Anderson. She drew scrutiny after she turned her back during the national anthem. She then draped a shirt with the world "ACTIVIST ATHLETE" over her head as "The Star-Spangled Banner" played. Amid scrutiny and boisterous claims she shouldn’t be representing the U.S. in the Games, Berry fired back in an interview with the Black News Channel on Tuesday. "I never said that I didn't want to go to the Olympic Games, that's why I competed and got third and made the team," Berry said "I never said that I hated the country. I never said that. All I said was I respect my people enough to not stand for or acknowledge something that disrespects them. I love my people. Point blank, period." On her decision to turn away on Saturday, she said at the time she was upset with the timing of the anthem. "They had enough opportunities to play the national anthem before we got up there," Berry said, according to The New York Post. "I was thinking about what I should do. Eventually I stayed there and I swayed, I put my shirt over my head. It was real disrespectful." Berry claimed she was told that the anthem would be played before she took the podium. They said they were going to play it before we walked out, then they played it when we were out there … But I don't really want to talk about the anthem because that's not important. The anthem doesn't speak for me. It never has." "My purpose and my mission is bigger than sports," she continued. "I'm here to represent those ... who died due to systemic racism. That's the important part. That's why I'm going. That's why I'm here toda A spokesperson for USA Track and Field disputed Berry’s claim that it was a set up. Berry was previously sanctioned by the U.S. Olympic committee after raising her fist during the national anthem at the 2019 Pan-Am Games. The Kramer Show · Should Gwen Berry continue or step down?
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  20. American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson, a medal favorite in the 100-meter dash at the upcoming Olympics, failed a drug test and likely won't be able to run at the Tokyo Games, according to multiple reports Thursday night. Richardson reportedly tested positive for cannabis, or marijuana, at U.S. Olympic Trials, where she won the 100. Richardson would be disqualified, and her place in the 100 handed to the fourth-place finisher at trials, Jenna Prandini. Gabby Thomas, who finished fifth, would become the alternate. It's unclear whether Richardson could appeal and still compete in Tokyo, or whether USA Track & Field might consider naming her to a relay team. The Jamaica Gleaner first reported news of Richardson's positive test. The Cincinnati Enquirer, Reuters and the New York Times later reported that the banned substance was marijuana. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) considers cannabis a “substance of abuse.” All cannabis-based products except for cannabidiol, or CBD, are on WADA's 2021 Prohibited List and banned “in-competition." The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and USA Track and Field adhere to WADA's code. The maximum punishment for a positive test is a years-long suspension. According to USADA, “if an athlete ... establishes that their use of the substance occurred out of competition and was unrelated to sport performance, the athlete will receive a three-month sanction. If the athlete satisfactorily completes a Substance of Abuse treatment program approved by USADA, the sanction may be further reduced to one month.” A one-month suspension, if backdated to the day of the positive test, would see Richardson reinstated in time for the women's 100-meter heats in Tokyo on July 30. But she'd be retroactively disqualified from U.S. trials, and therefore unable to compete at the Olympics. USATF rules require it to send the top three finishers at trials. The New York Times reported that other competitors in the race had been notified about Richardson's failed test, and of revised results. Richardson sent out a cryptic tweet earlier on Thursday. Hours later, she did not appear on the entry list for a Diamond League meet in Stockholm, where she was scheduled to compete. Neither Richardson's agent, USA Track and Field, WADA nor USADA responded to emails and texts requesting comment. Richardson, 21, had been widely considered a potential breakout star at the Olympics. She won the 100 at trials in 10.86 seconds. The former LSU star turned pro after her first season with the Tigers, but not before she won the NCAA title and set a record in the 100 after running it in just 10.75 seconds. Just before trials in April, Richardson ran the sixth-fastest time in the history of the event, a personal best of 10.72. Only one other person in the world — Jamaica’s Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price — has recorded a faster 100 time this year. Fraser-Price, who ran it in 10.63 seconds, is a two-time gold medalist in the event. Their showdown was one of the most anticipated races at the Olympics, which begin July 23.
  21. One year ago today, I quit my last radio gig. The one question I get constantly is, "Are you planning on doing radio again?" I'll answer that in a moment. Many moons ago as a young man just getting into radio, I discovered the voice over guys. The people you hear between the songs on a traditional radio station. They say, "102.7 WEBN - RIBBIT" or "There is no jam like a mellow jam. Atlanta's Power 99." Well when you worked at a station back then, the voice guys had to send the station the voice over on reel to reel. I found that out and I became FACSINATED with listening to the raw reel. You'd hear the main voice guy communication with the producer in the booth, so you really got an idea what it took to put all this stuff together. I became so fascinated with it, I'd take the reel to reel and dub it onto a cassette so I could listen on my way home, which was usually over an hour. Yes, I drove an hour one way to do an overnight DJ shift from 12m-6a. And then I'd listen to the voice over guy my entire way home. And I've had that kind of dedication and have been that committed of a student since that time . . . to everything radio-involved. I slept, ate, breathed radio. Not making it to a huge market was not an option. Looking back, I can't believe how driven I actually was. I'd drive to a different City just by myself so I could listen to different radio stations. Remember back then, there was no internet. I'd send demos and resumes to every station I could find the address for, and all I wanted was feedback on what I'd sent. A job would have been awesome, but I wanted to learn so bad I'd ask PD's of other stations what they thought of my stuff. I sent flowers to Program Directors. If they were local, I sent them a mocked up coupon that said I would wash the station vehicles BY MYSELF if they would just listen to my tape and tell me what was good and what was bad. Eventually I moved up in market size to Hunstville, AL. Then I got hired taking Bubba The Love Sponge's place at 93.3 WFLZ in Tampa. It was here that my life and my career started making weird turns. I'd gotten bit by the "I'm a star" bug. Everywhere I went, I got noticed. I'd drive home from a club gig completely drunk and when the Cop found out who I was, he'd either take me home or would follow me home. I probably got pulled over 10 times in that year, and each time I was completely wasted. Not once did I get taken in. I was spending money like it was water. I was having sex with a different chick every night. Burning the candle from both ends. I thought my shit didn't stink, and I didn't care if you liked that or not. Then to Dallas. Same thing on an even bigger level. Then syndicated to top markets from San Francisco. By now, I'd added my boy Twitch to the show. We were unstoppable together, and we were an explosive mixture of two crazy idiots. At this point, this is when I really started thinking maybe I made a mistake getting that far into this radio career. We were getting into trouble for the goofiest stuff. The creativity was being dragged down, and the more we tried to be creative radio people, the more management fought us. Now here is the key. At that time, I would fight and stand up for what I believed. I'd go to the Program Director and have heated arguments about what I needed and wanted in order to stay. I'd get backlash and I'd still fight. Keep that in mind. Then we killed Britney. So onward to Detroit. For the first year I'd go into the Program Directors office and pound my fist on his desk, screaming until I got what I wanted. In radio, you HAD to fight for every morsel of your creativity. Radio stations were starting to hire people they could trust to be bland enough on the air so they didn't get fines or lose sponsors - so right about this time is when radio started sucking dicks. After a year of pounding my fist on Terry Lieberman's desk, I couldn't do it anymore. The fight had left me. I thought, "I'm having to go into this dude's office, close the door, scream and pound my fist so that the show can have some creative drops to play during our show. Why am I having to do this?" Then to Orlando. I was a raging alcoholic, getting up at 3AM, going in half drunk - and I had to do that just to put up with our black, racist General Manager. I started talking to Christy at that time about just quitting. Cash was on the way (my Son) and I was also going thru growing pains about having a baby. I was a wreck. I was a REAL wreck of a human being. I quit. I left my radio partner hanging, and for that - I'm so sorry. Out of all the shit I'd done in my career, that's the one thing I actually do regret. He and I were Brothers, and we had a bond that was based in insanity, but it was impenetrable. I have no doubts that had we stuck together, we'd be one of the biggest radio shows in the Country right now. (Making unGodly money.) I needed down time and I needed to rethink what I was doing. I moved us all back home with my Mother out in the middle of nowhere in Alabama. I was tired, mentally a wreck, trying to stop drinking, my health was awful . . . I was seriously lost. From that moment on, I knew the love and passion I had for radio would never be matched. Janet Jackson's nipple popped out, and radio changed forever at THAT precise moment. Fast forward to coming to Panama City. Coming here was the absolute worst possible mistake I could have made as far as a radio career. I could get into all the insane drama, most of which you wouldn't even believe. I truly mean that, like if I told you all the crazy shit that happened at that company, you wouldn't believe it. Remember the reel to reels I was telling you about. For decades, I always thought about wanting to do that. I wanted to be a voice guy. I always heard about the insane money they make. So on a whim, I created a demo and submitted it to a few websites. Within 3 or 4 months, I was making what I was making at the station. Then the station came to me and said, "We're cutting your salary by $20,000 because we're just not performing like we need to be." - Then I started making DOUBLE what I was making and for a few months I TRIPLED what I was making. I'd talked to Christy about it for months, and one morning I woke up and said, "You know, this is over. I'm truly done." And like that, I quit - one year ago today. Now, to answer the question will I ever do radio again. Probably. I recently turned down a job offer in Atlanta. I didn't even apply for it, I just got a call from someone who knew I was free. The only kind of talk radio I would do is something like the BONE down in Tampa. Guy talk. You will never see me do another political talk radio show. Every person you hear is having their opinions dictated. There is nothing real about it. What I'd really like to do is just do a music shift on some rock station somewhere. It would just be for fun. I no longer have the desire to be a big radio star or some internet star. I see grown men my age and older who do Facebook shows everyday for 2 to 3 hours with 1 comment and 3 views - and they do it every single day, over and over, getting NOWHERE. If they're doing it for fun, hey rock on. My suspicion is, they just think if they do it long enough, they'll be the next Joe Rogan. Hey guys, you ain't gonna be the next Joe Rogan using that same old, tired content. Ewwwf. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. So what now? I'm not sure. I'm happy. I'm content. I hang out with my wife and my Son. Ride motorcycles. We're buying our house. I do yard work. Zero stress, and I do what I want, when I want. FUCK radio.
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  23. 5.23.2021 - 6AM • ZZ TOP - Jesus Just Left Chicago Did not chart at all. 1972. There was only one single released from this album and this wasn't it. • lol dead segue • Everclear - Santa Monica • zip - "97X rocks" - zap • Black Veil Brides - Scarlet Cross - Top chart position of #16 in 2020 • LOL dead segue • Led Zepplin - Black Dog - 1971 lol • zap - "97X. Thanks for listening." Zip LOL this is hilarious • Metallica - Enter Sandman • PROMO - Summer Stash - Under produced, not creative. Could've done so much more with that. • Stopset • Sevendust - Dying to Live - This turd peaked at #21
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