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Kramer Blog - 8.28.2023 - Let's save all the forecasts for Idalia and see how close they come.


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I've always been fascinated by hurricanes and the forecasts that come out with them days prior to landfall.

SO SO SO often, they are forecasted to be much bigger than they are. For what reason? I'm not sure if it's incompetence or if the networks are just trying to drum up some real time viewership.

As of 9:40PM - MONDAY - here is what the chief meteorologist at CNN says - video here. He has it hitting North of Tampa as a cat 3.

ACCUweather has it also coming in at a cat 3.  Read their forecast here.


2023-08-28 21_47_49-Hurricane warning in effect as AccuWeather warns Idalia will undergo explosive s.png


And FOX NEWS? Let's take a look.


2023-08-28 21_49_13-.png


FOX NEWS doesn't have one mention of it on their site at 9:50PM on Monday. A Ron Jeremy story, oh sure. Hurricane? Not a mention.



Here are the top ELEVEN news stories on MSNBC's website. Not a mention of the hurricane.

2023-08-28 21_52_08-MSNBC News - Breaking News and News Today _ Latest News.png



2023-08-28 21_54_08-Hurricane Warnings For Florida Ahead of Idalia _ Weather.com.png


The WEATHER CHANNEL also has it making land fall at a cat 3.

So let's take a look at what actually happens on Wednesday and see how well the forecast was for it.

MY PREDICTION: It will be a cat 2, and it will track further South than they have it. I'd say the eye will be closer to Tampa than northward thereof as most forecasts are saying. Just my 2 cents.


What's yours?





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