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  1. Reality television star Kim Kardashian applauded New Zealand after the country’s leaders announced gun laws would change in wake of Friday’s mosque shootings that left at least 49 people dead. Kardashian tweeted Saturday, “Just 24 hours after the Christchurch shooting New Zealand bans semiautomatic guns! America take note! Why can’t our elected officials put public safety over gun manufacturers’ profits?!?!” 18K people are talking about this
  2. LINKED FROM NEWS HERALD! PANAMA CITY BEACH — Despite a Facebook event making the rounds declaring otherwise, there is no nude streaking event coming to Pier Park next Sunday. According to the event post, the event was supposed to be at 11 p.m. on Sunday, March 17. The page generated a decent amount of interest, with 109 people marking that they would be attending and over 300 interested. Panama City Beach; however, and the Tourist Development Council, want people to know that the event is not affiliated with the TDC or Pier Park and that police are monitoring the event. “Th
  3. Seems to me a lot to do about nothing. If they had backups what does it matter?
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