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  1. This is awful. I cried for Native Americans when I saw this in the news. Haven't they struggled enough? We give them some casinos and think we're good now?
  2. EXACTLY! He doesn't know real radio. He doesn't know how to read liner cards right like I do. I'm a star because not only do I have a .5 share in Panama City I also have a 2 share in Tallahassee, which we all know is almost as big as New York.
  3. Kramer, You took 97X to amazing new heights and I'm sorry I tried to demean you and your programming talents. I mean, our station has a 1.6 rating or something like that, and we might as well not even be on. So dude I appreciate your podcasts. You probably have double the audience we have on our "radio station". I don't even think our signal makes it to the end of our driveway.
  4. Hopefully Melissa was able to keep her part time job as a stunt double for Shrek. )) shiver ((
  5. I love listening to you do this show. Wish I'd thought of this.
  6. Kramer make burnie mad again so I can promote my radio station on his facebook.
  7. 97X sounds fucking outstanding btw.
  8. Dude I am so appreciative of your talent, show and resume. I'm practically a baby deejay compared to you, so hearing your level of a show makes me strive to be better. Eventhough I work for the competition, it isn't really your competition and we both know that. If you have any tips, and don't mind reaching out, that would be killer bro.
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