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      THE RETURN   12/24/2017

      The Kramer Show will return to News Talk @ 101 on January 2nd. (So we've been told.) In the meantime, this is the new forum. There is a TON of bells and whistles on this forum, and we really hope you sign up and do some posting. We'd love to meet you!


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  1. TEST

    Maybe some show audio?
  2. Oh you pricks this better not have been a prank. Why do I feel like a dumbass?
  3. What happened? I asked you 3 times on Facebook what's going on down there and can't get an answer. Did you get fired or was all this a publicity stunt to get people talking about the show? If you did get fired and now you say you work for Magic Broadcasting, what the hell happened? Something fishy is going on and I smell it a mile away.