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  1. Let me gues, and predictably, Keith Kramer will be making fun of this person on air. Why? Cuz he's a bully like his lord savior master Donald Trump.
  2. Why don't you go crawl up Trump's ass, Kramer. You are the best bullshitter and there is no way you actually believe half the shit that comes out of your mouth regarding Trump. You are a band wagoner and have about as much credibility as your master Donny Trump. You are also a disgrace to radio and I'm shocked along with other colleagues that you are allowed to talk for 3 hours on a microphone anywhere up to and including a bingo match at a bar. Looser.
  3. Is this really surprising? Another shooting. It will continue. It won't end. Students are sitting ducks, period. Stop acting like you're shocked and surprised.
  4. fuck this pussy shit violins do not belong in metal you douche fuck
  5. Pics of your cat i see, hmm, so that means you are fat as fuck.
  6. Didn't like it. Nothing metal or rock about some faggy slow shit.
  7. While treating male patients, it's not unusual for Meghann Justice, an emergency room nurse, to be called a "cute little thing." Or to have a patient expose himself. Or to have her breasts grabbed as she leans over to put in an IV line. "It just comes par for the course, unfortunately," Justice, a travel nurse who has worked in ERs across the country for the past six years, said. "In the ER especially, we're very hands-on with our patients and physically close to them, and sometimes they're inebriated, or on drugs, or very ill." In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Justice and others
  8. I love it when someone who can act or play a sport automatically thinks they have it more figured out than anyone else. What's pathetic is that people start believing their bullshit based on their ablity to shot a fucking basketball. KRAMER SHOW ROCKS!
  9. I guess since they found the pelvis separately we can assume that was desert ...
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