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Kramer Blog - 9.23.2023 - Donald Trump VS. Howard Stern


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I like content. I loathe posting memes. I like discussions and debates. I don't like 2 sentence responses. I like people who think beyond headlines and memes. The only place I'm really able to express myself in long form is here on my website or in a podcast. I've done podcasts and no one responds. There's a forum called OFF TOPIC - and I LOVE going over there and seeing the intelligence, the debates and the passion for shit that's really effecting the World. Of course there's idiocy and dumb shit mixed in as well, but it's entertaining. That seems to be about the only place where collectively people speak their minds, people respond, and people on some level respect that you at least HAVE an opinion.

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Donald Trump fires shot at Stern

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For once, I agree with something Trump said. Don't get me wrong, I have a special place in my heart for Howard Stern. He is the one and the ONLY radio personality who was able to get away with doing what he did/does - and managed to stay with it long term. NO ONE ELSE has done that. Not Kramer and Twitch, not Opie and Anthony, Bubba The Love Sponge, Tom Leykis, Mancow, etc. None of us ever had a chance. We were fucked from the beginning and we didn't know it. Howard though had something different going on - and what I think it was, was that he knew how to talk to management. In private, he was very smart with them and could talk on their level - and that mother fucker never changed, settled, or listened. That's what we ALL wanted to do whether or not we admit it.

So I do respect Howard. Having said that, he's a pussy now. He still has foul language, does some funny bits that are edgy, but for the most part, he's turned into a pussy. He is still constantly talking about how he's terrified to go outside of his apartment. He's softened on making fun of the obvious people worth making fun of in Hollywood. Ellen, Oprah, Rosie? A complete 180? I'm not saying Stern sucks now, I'm saying he's soft. Frankly, I'm so fucking sick of "SOFT" it makes me want to launch my head into a wall. 

Raucous, real, outspoken and strong personalities from radio are long long long long gone. There are podcasts that have the attitude, but 99% of them really suck. We have Rogan, WTF with Marc and some others. Joe Rogan is Howard in his prime - for a modern day male audience. THANK GOD we have him at least. He doesn't give a flying fuck about being on the radio or satellite - why should he? It's fascinating to me how someone in the modern day could navigate around all the woke and cancel bullshit, and remain able to say and do what they want. Rogan is the only one to be able to do it. 




Howard has reinvented himself, and instead of being someone who famous people are scared of, he's changed that. He's had on some of the biggest A LIST stars in the World. He treats them with kid gloves, and he's worked himself into being a staple in mainstream media. I fucking hate mainstream media. It's great for him - the success is remarkable, but for us old heads, we remember routing for him as he was fighting the fight to be able to say what he wanted, free speech, etc. In the modern age, there is no free speech. 

About 5 years ago, I was doing my show and there was a story about a woman breastfeeding in a restaurant, and the manager told her she couldn't do it. I went on and said, "I don't know, I don't think it's gross or weird, but I can see how some people may not like to see that, especially in a restaurant. I don't know if a manager really should have said something, but I can see how other people wouldn't like it."

Women heard it, instantly went to Facebook and it spread like wildfire. By the time the posts got out to there to women, they'd blown it up as if I'd said, "Women shouldn't be allowed to breastfeed in public anywhere, it's gross, and that's something reserved for private. Gross!"

To this day my KRAMER SHOW FACEBOOK page has a 2.4 rating - ALL because of the bitches that went there not ever even hearing what I said.

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If a group of people PRESUME you said something, whether you said it or not, you can get cancelled and you can lose your livelihood. Truth be told, I ALMOST took a job in the Dallas market within the past year, but I was told the parameters of what I could say AND I was told I'd have to delete my Facebook pages. No. Fuck that. I'm not some glossy puppet that will do Birthdays and go to Children's hospitals to pretend we're something we're not. I won't do that. I'm very rough around the edges, and if you can't handle that, there's no further discussion. Howard sits there interviewing people like Lady GaGa as if he's the most interested person alive. It's not genuine.

Trump 1 - Howwy 0




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