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  1. It is so sad that people cant hear a opinion that differs from their own without going totally crazy! It used to be that we could at least agree to disagree but not anymore. At the same time some people in Congress want to take away a persons right to defend them self against this kind of thing. The left wants to take away our firearms, They want to take away our right to speak out, by labeling our speech as "Hate Speech" Last I checked even real hate speech is still covered under the 1st Amendment. But anymore we are labeled as haters, racist, homophobes, etc. all because we just disagree with the lefts ideas. Just look at the Hate in that threat, That is hate speech! and it comes from the left more than anyway else. Yet we are the racist haters. What happened to my country where we used to have freedom of choice, and people were not hated just because of a difference of opinion. Just Sad!
  2. Ok anyone here Pre Order fallout76? I am waiting for the BETA or early access to start. I pre Ordered about a week after they announced 76. I love every Fallout game they have made so far. Fav is Fallout 4. Just wondering how it will be with it being multi player and online only.
  3. This on the heels of 17 years since Sept 11th 2001 is just another slap in the face of all Americans! We cant have prayer in school, we cant display the US Flag for fear of offending someone, We cant build the wall because that would be racist, We cant investigate people from countries that are Known Terrorist hotbeds to make sure it is safe to let them in. Makes you wonder who's country are we living in. American citizens should come first before we worry about who we MIGHT OFFEND! I feel so bad that my 20 year old daughter has to live in what is quickly becoming a country full of whine bag, self important, douche bag, snowflakes! I at least know that my Daughter has been raised with a love of country, love of the Flag, and has some good common sense. Too many young people today have no clue of what is decent common sense. But I do see some hope, Because where I live most of the young people Have some common sense. There are still young people willing to give years of their life up to serving in the Military instead of becoming SJW's! I will say one thing about that story... at least some of that paper is in cursive. I sold a vehicle last year to young guy from where I live and he could not even sign his name. How have we fallen so far in such a short period of time????
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