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  1. His latest is he's mad that the mayor drove his golf cart on the sidewalk. Burnie is a loser.
  2. Mae Sai, Thailand (CNN)The 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave were finally able to send word to their parents after two weeks. Shortly afterward, some of their loved ones responded; others were not on site, so could not respond immediately. Thai navy SEALs posted images of handwritten notes from the boys -- ages 11 to 16 -- in which they comfort their families and share a sense of optimism. Local authorities shared their parents' responses Saturday at the entrance of the cave. Here are the letters: Joint letter The group wrote a
  3. (CNN)The death of a former Thai Navy diver has cast a shadow over the effort to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach from a cave in northern Thailand and raised fresh questions about the best way to extract them safely. More rain is forecast this weekend, putting pressure on rescuers to act soon or have to contend with even higher water levels inside the cramped chambers. The rescue is further complicated by the lack of oxygen inside the tunnels -- as more rescuers enter to carry supplies to the boys -- which could limit the time they can safely remain in the cave. What are
  4. Holy FUCKKKK this is gonna set the left tards ablaze. PLEASE play this on the air on Monday.
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