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  1. Him and his wife both drive nice expensive cars set up with nice rims the hole 9 yards. Not old cars definitely not old cars
  2. Pastor Robert Flores AUTHOR: Pastor Robert Flores - (United States of America) SUBMITTED: Monday, November 21, 2011 Before you read my comment you need to know that conseeker3 and many of her made up names is my wives ex-husband new wife. Imagine that! Unbelievable, I guess I'm really popular these days! The devil sure hates me I must be doing something right. I'm writing this because after long prayer I believe people need to know the truth. This is not intended for the people who are writing blogs about me. This is to the readers of these blogs. Yes, they may seem to have the truth, but in reality they have twisted the truth, or they gather someones opinion and perception about me and try to destroy the work of the Lord. But, opinion and perception is not necessarily the truth. The truth is I wonder why they don't give their names and they hide behind these made up titles like Con Seeker. I know why, because they know they can get in trouble for defamation of character. I remember in 2003, in the same neighborhood Miss Evans lives in, that they hated me and my students so bad that they burnt our house down. They try to make themselves look like the Lone Ranger but in reality they are witch hunters. We all know what happened to those innocent people in Salem. All this is, is a modern day witch hunt and I'm on their list. I know I've made some mistakes in my life but I'm not the person they are making me out to be. It's funny these people know where I work, where my home is, and all my phone numbers but not once has any of these people called me or come to me to ask for answers. I know why because if they did they wouldn't have anything to gossip about. I believe with all my heart that a real child of God will be able to see what is really going on here. The truth is one of these people is married to my wife's ex-husband. Im sure you can see her motive, she hates my wife. If she can get to me she can get to her. I've been dealing with these same people for years and they won't quit. But even Paul in 2 Corinthians 12: 7 said... "a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I be exalted above measure." Well, I guess it will always keep me humble and I'll remember that my strength is in the Lord. On another note, I have made some hasty choices under pressure to save these addicts like signing a lease to give these people a place to live while they are in recovery. I know it wasn't the smartest thing to do but the Bible says, "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends". So, I put my name on the line and stepped up to bat when no one else would. However, it hurt my reputation because I couldn't pay all the bills. But, when you have parents and people on drugs and alcohol coming to you asking for help and they have no money what would you do? I'll tell you what I did, I let them come into the program. I guarantee none of these people talking about me would dare try to help these people like my wife and I. So, there you go, if I was a con I wouldn't have let anyone come into the program without money. I have many students, graduates and parents that can prove what I'm saying is truth. However, some families were able to help but it wasn't enough. I can sit here all day and give an answer to all of these statements but it would be senseless. The Lord will exalt me of all these lies when He feels the need. Until then I will be still and wait on the Lord. One last thing, they say I'm a con, don't you think with all these years in Lawrenceburg and the persecution I would just leave and go somewhere else? You heard what they said, "If we can get him out of the church he will lose his home and he will move on". Guess what? Im staying and Im going to fight the good fight. I'm not going to let the enemy move me or run me off. I'll get direction from the Lord and He has given me all the Armor I need in Ephesians 6:10-20. By the way, I handed down my recovery center to one of my graduates who has been with me since 2006. I guess you can say I passed the torch. However, I'm still the Pastor of Triumph Church and I have a great congregation. Also, I have started a new ministry where I do seminars that will educate Pastors on addictions and it will be more effective on a higher level. Remember, different level, different devil. So check out our web-site and see what the Lord is doing! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me P.S I will not respond to any more blogs. However, I will continue to use this letter when needed and pray for those who are being used by the enemy I just found this! But on the radio he said the KKK burnt his house down so is it the KKK or the neighbors ???? gotta wonder lies all lies this is pretty old so he just cant keep the lies straight or what..
  3. Thank you!! I would like my story heard something has to be done to them!
  4. Hello, I'm writing this because something has to be done, someone has to stop this man from preying on the weak and vulnerable, and using God as a cover to earn a quick buck! His name is Robert Flores aka Pastor Robet. He is no pastor nor is he an addiction specialist.. He has no background in the Medical field but he hands out meds to the rehab students without taking blood pressures, checking heart rates and other key factors before handing students meds. Ok so I'm getting ahead of myself my brother was a student here twice. The 1st time my mom met "Pastor" Robert he was in the court house preying on family's, so he went to my mom and said he could get my brother out of jail. He seen that my mom had money or "looked" like money. He told her to come by his office to go over the details. He said he could get my brother out for a $1800.00 bed hold and $1500.00 a month for 1 year and we was desperate to get my brother clean and sober and most importantly HOME! So my mom agreed, at this point we would've done anything! But "Pastor" Robert made everything sounds so wonderful and faith based and has a great success rate like 98% rate or something. All of the students thrive and do well when they get out in the real world. Almost to good to be true right RIGHT! So my mom went thru with everything, they got him out and to Rightway. The 1st thing he had to do under the control of "Pastor" Robert was apply for food stamps. When the food stamp card came "Pastor" Robert took it and locked it up. My brother wasn't able to use this himself. My brother was on meds and "Pastor" Robert also took these and locked them up. When it was time for meds to be passed no nurse, or Psychiatrist, or trained medical personnel came to give them out. "Pastor" Robert or another so called pastor came in and handed them out. Peoples pain meds came up messing or short every month but the only person with the locked key/combo for the safe was you guessed it "Pastor" Robert! The students had to cook, clean, work to earn a bed, but remember families are paying $1500.00 for them to stay here. Even at jail if you have a job then you earn something not here. So now let's go over what $1500.00 gets you. You get a bunk bed in a room no bigger the a jail cell, you live out of a suit case or laundry basket. No lock box for your personal belongings so your personal stuff can and will get stolen. You have to apply for food stamps and don't keep the card. The living quarters have rodents and rats. They also have to get jobs and turn a % over to "Pastor" Robert. And if they cant meet the money he wants, he has the power to send you back to jail/prison. He'll hold it over the students heads and they will walk on eggshells, so he won't throw them back into jail/prison. He uses God in the community to get food/money donations from anyone that'll listen. Students are still getting high or drunk and having people bring them drugs to the rehab. But we didn't see this all at 1st. So my brother finished the 1st year out (with my moms money). They moved my "brother's" camper on the back part of the property "Pastor" Robert said this would be good for him and he can keep a close eye on him blah blah blah so we did. So "Pastor" Robert hooked my brother up with a girl. Well this girl and my brother got into a argument one night and cops got call and "Pastor" Robert sent him back to jail. Which wasn't hard because of his past prior's. This is where the 2nd time comes in. Again he tells my mom he can get him out with the $1800.00 bed hold and the $1500.00 month. My mom said no I'm not able to pay this again. So "Pastor" Robert said since you cant pay I'll take the camper for his whole tuition. Hell be paid in full and that'll be that. But he wouldn't get him out without some money or something if you cant pay you cant stay! So mom signed over the camper to "Pastor" Robert they put my brother back in rightway. So after almost a month of being there he started hounding my brother about paying money and he needs to come up with the $1500.00 from here on out. So now that he was working not only was child support coming out he has court fees now "Pastor" Robert wants a % and "Pastor" Robert his has to come out 1st. "Pastor" Robert went over this with me as well and when I asked like what happens if he gives you what your asking and he cant pay his child support or court fees and he goes back to jail "Pastor" Robert just said he cant stay here for free he has a long list of people wanting a bed. Like really I couldn't believe that he said that to me! "Pastor" Robert will break HIPAA laws in order to scam money out of families all students are required to sign a HIPAA paper when they get signed in. "Pastor" Robert called me into the office told me my brother got into trouble and what he did he told me his medical info (I wasnt on the list to give info to) then proceeded to tell me that my brother was unable to work for 3 months and that me and my family needed to come up with their $1500 a month to tuition if I got 5 family members to come up with a certain amount it would be no problem. I told him I couldn't I'm a single mom with kids to take care of, but he didn't even seem to care all he wanted was the money. Another time a students family member bashed Rightway on Facebook so "Pastor" Robert took everyone's phones and would not give them back til everyone agreed to wright on Facebook a good review. I have so much more to say but I would rather go over it on the phone or in person. I have other people that will collaborate my story. Also Google the name Robert Flores in Tennessee and see the scams he ran in Tennessee Thanks so much Kim
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