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  1. This man is a dunce. Sorry but wow. Second, if I was that close to random gunfire not knowing what's happening, I'm in my car and Mama is OUT OF THERE! That is some horrific stuff there. Kramer btw thank you for being on the air all afternoon yesterday. It was nice to hear your voice again in the afternoon!
  2. We all should be grateful to have someone like a Kramer in this city. Panama City has had many want-to-be talk shows in the past including Derrell Day, Burnie Thompson, even going back to Doc Washburn and let's not forget the shitty ATTACK MACHINE. All of those shows going back to back in the day were want-to-be radio shows. No authenticity, no real opinions, all they did was tow the line of their bullshit agendas. Kramer doesn't say it often or if at all ever, but he does not allow the fact that he's on a conservative radio station to dictate what he does or says. To me and the people in my office, we talked about it the other day and every single one of us agrees on a radio show, which has never ever happened lolz. Keep doing what you do kramer and one of these days maybe you will find yourself syndicated.
  3. u have to put the argument between kramer and florez on here i HAVE to hear that one
  4. DAMNnnnnnnnnnnnnnn just heard kramer get pissed. florez stepped over a line saying kramer wasnt being fair. screw that guy.
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