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  1. Why was there a town hall on this yet again? Was the 1st one not good enough? What possibly could have been discussed? What do they want to do to this 15 yr old boy? Why are they wasting their time?
  2. DEATH. You do not deserve to be on the fucking planet anymore. Shoot him between the eyes and be done.
  3. Trump flips Pelosi off. Trump comes in to the tune of LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!
  4. Your dim if you can't put that together. Your smarter than that.
  5. Totally! The media is all over this dopey shit every time, and watch they will flash this dude's mug on the news every ten minutes when they find out who he was. He was 18 so they wont give two shits.
  6. Other than the media contributing to mass shootings, I very much hold politicians accountable for gun violence
  7. Heaven. Pure Heaven. This is fucking greatness. I will listen every single sunday bro~!
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