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      THE RETURN   12/24/2017

      The Kramer Show will return to News Talk @ 101 on January 2nd. (So we've been told.) In the meantime, this is the new forum. There is a TON of bells and whistles on this forum, and we really hope you sign up and do some posting. We'd love to meet you!


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  1. TEST

    Good thread.
  2. The things I would let my mouth do to her tight little precious box.
  3. Kramer, Your obviously a big market radio person who has been all over, and that shows on your show. You don't belong in this piddly little market. You aren't playing kiss ass with the mayor or the owners of your station, and that isn't going to boad well for you. You need to be in a corporate environment where they see the value in you and know how to sell it to advertisers instead of looking for reasons why they can't sell you. Trust me I know what's up.