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PCB Councilman Files Elections Complaint Against Burnie Thompson - UH OHHHHH


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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - Panama City Beach City Councilman, Hector Solis, has filed an elections complaint against a candidate currently running for a seat on the council.

Solis filed the complaint against Ward Three Council Candidate, Burnie Thompson, last month.


According to Solis, Thompson is a local media personality, and has been advertising for his campaign on his website, without reporting the donations to the Bay County Supervisor of Elections.

"He has been advertising his campaign on his media page, which he charges for advertisement. He has charged other candidates that have run elections in the past, he has charged them for those services, yet he's giving them to himself for free," he said.

Thompson, who was unaware of the complaint until News 13 called him, said he is unaware of breaking any rules.

"I don't know what he's talking about, and I'll tell you again as I say I've been working with the Supervisor of Elections office very closely, I call them all the time -- make sure I'm following all the rules, make sure I'm doing everything right, because I know I'm going to receive more scrutiny than the other candidates," Thompson said.

The Florida Elections Commission is investigating Solis' complaint. 

Thompson has had an on-going dispute with Solis over Solis' career with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, but both men said despite their differences, it will not affect their working relationship if Thompson is elected in April.

"If Burnie Thompson is elected, then at that point, it's about the business of the city. There is going to be times I may agree with him, other times that I may disagree with him, but when we're up on the dice we need to make sure that we're professional and moving the city forward," Solis said.

"Hector Solis and I, and Mayor Mike Thomas and I, we can all work together, as long as they're professional and as long as we treat each other with respect and we don't call each other names we can all work together," Thompson said.

Councilman Solis sent Thompson a Cease and Desist letter over what he calls Thompson's slanderous accusations about his Bureau of Prisons' career.

He said he also plans to file a lawsuit, claiming that Thompson never responded to the Cease and Desist.

2018-03-09 11_18_12-PCB Councilman Files Elections Complaint Against Council Candidat.png

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