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Gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys breastfeeds in campaign ad


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MADISON, Wis. — In a campaign video launched Tuesday, Democratic candidate for governor Kelda Roys breastfeeds her daughter while discussing her efforts to ban a toxic chemical used in baby bottles and sippy cups.

In the middle of talking about the push to ban Bisphenol A when she was in the state Assembly, her husband Dan hands her her daughter and Roys discreetly breastfeeds her.

“That’s what wrong with politics today. Are we taking our orders from people or are we taking them from chemical corporations that don’t care at all about what people need?" she says in the video. "We were still able, by working across the aisle, pass a bill to ban BPA.”


So proud to share my first campaign video with you! I'm running for governor because WI can do better than caving to corporate interests that harm our health & environment. I know because we've beaten them before. #BPA #WIgov #WIpolitics


Roys, a small business owner and attorney in addition to former state lawmaker, is in a crowded field of Democrats hoping to take on GOP Gov. Scott Walker this fall.

Roys told The Cap Times the nursing wasn't planned. "Like most working parents around the state, I juggle a lot of things and responsibilities, and I wear a lot of hats. When we were shooting the video, my family was obviously there, and when the baby needs to eat I just feed her," she said.

What does Roys say to people who say she should maybe stay home instead of run for office?

 “Some people say I shouldn’t be running for governor because I’m a mom of young kids. In 2018 women are not going to be told to sit down and shut up anymore. My kids are my biggest motivator —  I want to make the world better for them, which means fighting for public schools, affordable childcare and healthcare, gun reform, and addressing climate change,” she told ScaryMommy.com.


I mainly talk about passing legislation to protect the health of kids, and standing up to the big chemical lobby, but yes I also feed my ?! https://twitter.com/wistatejournal/status/971108666081345536 


A Marquette University Law School poll this week showed voters know little about any of the Democratic candidates. For instance, 92% of voters said they didn’t know enough about Roys to have an opinion about her, while 4% had a favorable opinion of her.


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