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19 year old Chinese girl needs attention

Mike Peer

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‘Somebody come get me’: 19-year-old Chinese blogger arrested after ‘free sex’ offer goes viral

“SOMEBODY come get me ... Sex ... for free.” A short message posted online caused a stampede to this 19-year-old blogger’s hotel room.

news.com.auMARCH 6, 20183:22PM

A 19-year-old female blogger offered free sex online and dozens of people turned up at her Hilton Hotel room, resulting in her being jailed. Picture: AsiaWireSource:australscope

A 19-YEAR-OLD Chinese blogger has been jailed for prostitution after an offer of free sex caused a stampede to her Hilton Hotel room.

Ye Mouyi, going by the username Qianjin Yeye, posted to social media site Weibo and instant messaging app WeChat a short geo-tagged message on March 1 containing her room number and exact address — the Hilton Hotel in Sanya City’s Haitang Bay, in China’s southern Hainan Province.

“Somebody come get me ... Sex ... for free ... 6316,” she wrote in the message which quickly went viral. The post was accompanied by a video of the woman in a bikini inside the hotel room.

According to the AsiaWire news service, an official Haitang District police statement said the posts caused numerous people to turn up at the hotel to knock on her door, while a number of people called the hotel front desk to inquire about the guest in room 6316.

Online rumours said 3000 people responded. Picture: AsiaWire

Online rumours said 3000 people responded. Picture: AsiaWireSource:australscope


AsiaWire said unconfirmed social media rumours claimed 3000 people either rang or showed up at the Hilton. The woman later posted on WeChat begging people to “stop sharing” the offer, which she claimed was “just a joke”.

Video soon emerged on social media of men filming themselves going to the hotel. “I’m on my way to room 6316, hahahahhaha, and here I am!”, one man said in a video, according to a report in The Daily Mail.

The Hilton Hotel called the police to file an official complaint — but when authorities arrived at 10pm, two hours after the original post, she had already checked out and disappeared, having requested staff escort her out of the room and put her in a taxi.

Police said she was found at the Sanya Phoenix International Airport on March 2 and arrested on prostitution charges and for disrupting the Hilton’s Hotel’s business operations.

According to police, Ms Ye admitted she made the post to gain followers. She was jailed for 15 days and fined 500 RMB ($101.40), while her social media accounts have been suspended.


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