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Bay District School Officials continue to Protect & Serve

Mike Peer

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Bay Dist. Officials Discuss Mental Health, Guns in Schools

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - In the wake of the Broward County school shooting, Bay District officials are not wasting time as they make plans to better protect our students.     

At the district's safety workshop Monday morning, district officials announced their latest plans to the school board. 

Superintendent Bill Husfelt said action is needed now.

"In the next few days we're going to have armed security at every school for the remainder of the year," he said.

However, that's not his only advancement.

Husfelt asked the school board to borrow $4 million to immediately finish front office security projects, and add security cameras in many Bay District schools. 

"They certainly have a plan that they're bringing forward and I'm happy to see that," Hiba Rahim, a Bay Dist. parent of four, said.

Husfelt also pushed for better mental health resources in schools. 

"If we don't start getting to them right now, there's only one path they're going to end up on if we don't get them the help they need right now," he said.

Last week, more than 2,000 Bay District teachers responded to a survey to see whether they're in favor of some school employees carrying guns on campus. 

As of Monday, the results stated that about 60 percent of teachers were in favor, and about 40 were not.

Bay district school's chief of police, Mike Jones, said he's not sold on the idea.

"I don't like it," Jones said.

He said he instead prefers finding retried military officials who are experienced in combat situations. 

"If they could get the training to become a special deputy under the sheriff's office, they can be in our schools. I like that a whole lot better," he said.

Some parents said they're impressed with the districts plans. 

"I came in a litte bit worried, and i am leaving really relieved," Rahim said.

The district also announced they will stop using "IRIS" the emergency notification system, and "Alert Bay' will replace it until they find a permanent replacement.

The Bay County Sherrif's Office introduced a new app between teachers and law enforcement to communicate and respond to emergency situations quicker.


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