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more gun protests

Mike Peer

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Protesters take to Capitol steps calling for stricter gun laws

Rally 2.0
By Jake Stofan | 
Posted: Mon 10:55 PM, Feb 26, 2018  | 
Updated: Tue 4:55 AM, Feb 27, 2018
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - For the second time in as many weeks, protesters stormed the state capitol demanding stricter guns laws.


Despite Republican proposals to raise the age to buy a gun and creating a three-day waiting period, advocates are not satisfied.

Brought in by bus from 15 cities around the state,1,000 protesters arrived at the state capitol to advocate for stricter guns laws and a ban on assault weapons. The group is as diverse as the areas they represent. Grace Gale is just 17 years old.

"For me, it's not just about gun control, which is really important to me, but it's also about getting involved in the civic process," Gale said.

Former teachers, law enforcement, and even NRA members are joining the call for action.

"A true hunter doesn't shoot a gun that's either semi or automatic," said Ira Friedman, who was at the protest.

Led by gubernatorial candidate Philip Levine, the group marched up the Capitol steps through the rain.

"We want them to ban those assault rifles in Florida," Levine said.

Protesters pushed on through the rain, even saying it was the tears of the victims and the frustrated activists pushing for reform.

Activists were joined by survivors of the Parkland shooting, like Bela Urbina. She says Republicans' plan for reform doesn't go far enough.

"We don't want these military weapons on the street. Like my friend said, they're not civilian weapons, they're militarized weapons," Urbina said.

This is the second mass rally in two weeks. Levine says their persistence will hopefully translate into policy.

"I always say listen to the customer. Well, the customers are coming up here today" he said.

Protesters are also calling to raise the age to purchase a gun to 25 and for mandatory universal background checks.

Protesters are also standing in opposition to Republicans' proposal to train certain teachers and allow them to carry guns in the classroom.

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