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And here's Marilyn Manson, praying with Justin Bieber and Kanye West. What planet are we on?


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The bizarre saga of Marilyn Manson and Kanye West took another twist today, October 31st. It’s safe to say that over the years Marilyn Manson‘s association with religion has often been been tethered more to the man downstairs than the God in the heavens above. However, as seen today, Manson himself attended Kanye‘s latest Sunday Service performance, appearing in white robes alongside Justin Bieber and Kanye himself.

The event was livestreamed across select streaming platforms and furthers the public relationship between Manson and West that came into view via a “Donda” listening event earlier this year. West‘s pop-up Sunday Services events often promote a Christian-leaning gospel and ministry experience. At one point Manson was even seen embracing Kanye and more in an apparent prayer circle.

That Manson is appearing with Bieber too is a bit of an oddity, given their past feud in which Manson accused Bieber of being a member of a “religious sex cult” back in 2017.

Manson‘s appearance at the past “Donda” event mentioned above marked his most high profile public appearance since facing numerous allegations of sexual assault, misconduct and more, when at least a dozen women came forward with disturbing allegations against him this past February.

Among those women who publicly leveled allegations were him was his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood. Several of the other women were previously in relationships with him and at the moment four of them are suing him for charges ranging from rape and human trafficking to sexual battery and more.

Among those to file suit are actress Esmé Bianco, Manson‘s former personal assistant Ashley Walters and his former girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline. An unidentified woman has also filed a suit alleging rape & death threats. Manson himself denied the initial allegations made against him in court and continues to fight the aforementioned lawsuits.

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