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The Conservative Social Worker

• Good voice.

• Mic sounds good for the most part. The acoustics drive me crazy, but that's because I'm an audio snob.

• Background photo is good. But it's 'meh' good. You need to get a professional logo created. There are some great people on Fiverr who do it.

• As the intro plays and you come on, I'm wondering why you even refer to yourself as a social worker. What does that have to do with anything? You mentioned other social workers who are conservative and how you want to hear their stories. Why? If being a social worker that's conservative is a minority, and that's who you're speaking to while doing the show, how many new people do you think are going to listen to any of it? You've EXTREMELY limited your potential audience with the play on 'social worker'. Don't misunderstand, I get what you're trying to do - you're trying to carve a niche out by being in a profession where everyone's a Democrat. It's like Caitlyn Jenner - OMG she/he's a conservative . . .  wow. 

You wrote the following to me in your original correspondence:

"Social Work is a profession typically associated with the liberal end of the political spectrum and conservative students are rare. In school for example, I was always the black sheep in class because I was the only one with conservative views in the classroom that I was aware of and I debated professors alot in class. So, this show is also to help show other conservative social workers out there that they are not alone. We can still practice the profession and have the views we have, even if they are different from the majority of our classmates and after that our co-workers."

College as a WHOLE is Liberal. You weren't the rare conservative in the classroom, you were the rare conservative in COLLEGE.

In my opinion, your angle should be THE ANGRY YOUNG CONSERVATIVE. You should play up the fact that you're young, are college educated, and you're brave enough to stand up and preach conservatism until the cow's come home. In fact, shit, I think that would be a cool name for the show - THE ANGRY YOUNG CONSERVATIVE. By doing this, yes, you're encouraging other young conservatives to listen to what you're saying, but you open up your demographic broadly to be 25-54, easily.

• Lose the script. You're basically reading to people. It sounds like someone who wrote a speech and is practicing reading it. If you're going to convey true emotion, you have to say it how you feel it. You should ALWAYS PREPARE for your show, but it should be bullet points about what you want to talk about. List them out 1 - 2- 3 - 4, etc. As you're talking, glance at your notes and continue on. LOSE THE SCRIPT.

• THE MOST IMPORTANT CONTENT - A+ A+ A+ - what you're talking about  - inner cities being crap. When you said if I did my job like democrats have done theirs, I'd be fired - I've said THAT EXACT thing a BILLION times. All the political correct crap within the media - 100% spot on how you put it. I could go on - but ALL of the content is 100% right on the money. 


Overall - the most important part is that your content is blisteringly perfect. How you're delivering it isn't going to drive any passion. If you want people to respond, be pissed without the script. I realllly think you're limiting your potential audience by the name. You're putting yourself in a box by talking to fellow conservative social workers. I mean, sure let it be known that's what you are, but that shouldn't be the focal point of your identity. I haven't developed it fully yet, but a play on THE ANGRY YOUNG CONSERVATIVE - there's something there. I'm going to think about this some more. You definitely have what it takes to become a listened to young voice within Conservative politics, we just need to frame it better. I love your enthusiasm, intellect and opinions!


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