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KRAMER BLOG - ratings came out - and more from Kramer.

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Fairfield Ranked #1 Business-Friendly Town in Connecticut
(I was writing this on Facebook and then it told me I had too many words, so screw Facebook, I'll put it here on MY site.)
KRAMER UPDATE: In radio, in a smaller market like Panama City, you get ratings much later. I found out yesterday that my morning show ratings for Spring 2020 were #1 for men 25-54 and #1 for men 35-64. I've never talked about this, but I'm going to now.
When I first got to WYOO - my job was to program News Talk 101 and do the morning show. We got here 3 years ago in October. In December of that first year they fired me - unofficially. I to this day don't know why other than money. They had a change of mind after a few days and then hired me back to program 97X and News Talk and do mornings on News Talk and do afternoons on 97X.
From the day I arrived at News Talk, the ratings were up every time they came out. And that was while having to fight for promotions that would never happen.
Here's a great example: We had a major hurricane that came through here, Michael. Six MONTHS had gone by, and this area had not gotten one red cent of money from the Federal Government. I came up with an idea to put a billboard up in Washington D.C. to thumb our nose at the politicians who were holding up the money. I would solicit calls for the winning idea, and then we'd even get the audience to chip in money for the billboard. The reason for that is every single person who chipped in would be posting about it when it went up and that would be built in promotion. Cut and dry, and a fucking homerun. I presented it to the 'manager' and he kept giving me the run around . . . he kept trying to water down the idea and eventually said no - after wasting a MONTH. Their idea of promotion was getting the staff (and their families) to show up and drive a vehicle for a parade. I constantly pitched promotions, but every time they said no or watered them down and made them cheesy. So after the last deal with the billboard, I never mentioned one again. 
Creatively, I adored programming 97X, and during the time that I did program it, the ratings went up every time they came out. And that was coupled with a morning show that didn't listen, and had some pretty big hurdles. We did a lot of promotions and the station sounded great.
They eventually hired a new operations manager, and he took over. They never, not one time, ever, said, "Kramer, we're relieving you of your duty of programming 97X." NOT ONE TIME. It just happened. Now it's a bunch of classic rock B-sides, no promotions, no morning show, weak imaging, and the social media presence is honestly, SAD. They can make 5 posts in a row that no one likes. LOL I remember when he came in, he'd have conversations with me about how bad 97X sounded, as if he didn't know that I was the one programming it. "All this metal head banging shit they were playing..." Yeah, they're called HITS. I always only played tested songs in the Active Rock format. Panama City is a rock town. It doesn't care about Deep Purple.
3 days after the hurricane, I took my family to the radio station and my intention was to be on the air for as many hours as I could. The 2nd day the manager showed up and he said, "Kramer, you should just go home. You don't need to be here." I'll never forget that conversation. They also didn't want us staying at the station, which I never could understand. We were offering up to live at the station for a little while so we could let the listeners know what was happening - and help. Denied. We were told if we needed help we should file for something but otherwise go home. On that day, I knew I was eventually out of there. We had a cat 5 hurricane, and 3 days later when I finally made it there, I should just go home?
I was a FANTASTIC employee. Didn't do drugs, showed up for everything early and was not late once, was nice to everyone, got huge ratings for 2 radio stations, had amazing promotion ideas, put up with a massive amount of bullshit, consistently was a social media winner, and put on one hell of a morning show. I've ALWAYS been an awesome employee. Maybe one of these days I will meet the right radio station to pull me back in to the business. Hint: It will have to be in Texas.
"Darlo" wrote me a Facebook IM Tuesday, and here is what she said:
Hey kramer, i listened to you since you got to pc and i want you to know how much i miss you. why did you leave and is there any way you will come back at some point? 
Darlo, yes. For $93,000 per year. A producer. Come in at 6 and leave at 9. 5 guaranteed business endorsements. If they can come up with that and a 5 year, solid contract, I will go back.
Otherwise, here we come Texas.
List of cities in Texas - Wikipedia
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⁶Your boy played a huge part in you being #1 the audience hated me, but they always wanted to hear what I had to say (even though they'll never admit it), you had a damn good show for Panama City & you wouldn't bow to their bullshit, fuck magic broadcasting, newstalk 101 & 97x, ill never listen to any of them again, don mccoy can suck my dick....Jason, the 1st caller ever morning...

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Hi Kramer, I too listened to your morning show since day 1 after Darrell left. I moved to Dublin Ga 2 years ago just before Michael hit and still listened via tune in, I had my sister and brother in law loving your show within 2 days of their listening as well. When you announced you were leaving I could have cried! My brother in law Melton called your show many times to comment on topics.  (I’m too shy!) We love your personality. You are one of a kind for sure. Panama City was very lucky to have you after Michael for all your hard work in getting the info out that people needed. I hope Magic realized that. Maybe they were all jealous of you and felt you were in their way of getting the spot light? It’s their loss and I hope they see it in their ratings.

  I became a patron for your podcasts and listened to the first one, look forward to more. I know that whatever you do in the future and wherever you end up you will be successful. People will love you for sure. Sure do miss you 😘 take care and tell Earl and Jason hi for me (I miss Earl too!) Jeanie

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I always thought of you as a big fish in a small pond. And it doesn't seem like you like that. The last year you seemed like you were going thru the motions.....sorry but truth. Too you'd sound better on X97.

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On 8/17/2020 at 12:09 PM, Neil said:

I always thought of you as a big fish in a small pond. And it doesn't seem like you like that. The last year you seemed like you were going thru the motions.....sorry but truth. Too you'd sound better on X97.

Kramer would be cool on bob too.

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The 2nd day the manager showed up and he said, "Kramer, you should just go home. You don't need to be here."


I would have just said fuck that and quit, or called his boss and told him what he said. A radio station in that kind of time is supposed to be there for the community. That place sound toxic af.

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