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"Everyone's an expert" - A BLOG BY KRAMER

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Look at you. Watch yourself. (scroll) (scroll) (scroll) Scrolling, looking for another bite of information on social media. (gulp) Another tid bit that fits your agenda or opinion, simply taken purely to be able to post it somewhere - as if you're a genius about whatever the topic of the last 5 minutes is. (scroll) (scrolllllllll) As if it were a morsel of chocolate, that delightful little fact stimulates your brain . . . and and and and and you you you you can't WAIT to release it onto the next person. It'll make you feel good. (scroll) (scroll) (scroll) (GULP!)

Since I quit my job, which was the best decision I've ever made in my life, I've been watching social media. This time I've been watching it as a human being and not a talk show host, and the lens is extremely different. As a talk show host, you scan everything within the prism of a set of objectives that have already been slated. Meaning, yes, if you're on a Conservative station, your slant is ALWAYS on the conservative side - and you are told by no means to ever - and I do mean EVER deviate from that. Which in my opinion is one reason why talk radio fucking sucks so bad, it's unbearably predictable. I listen to talk radio now and I cringe. I've spent 30 years being programmed by companies, operations managers and program directors. You wind up losing yourself because you're doing the shows for other managers or owners and not an audience. It's a loathsome existence to be frank. 

Also, and this belongs in the paragraph above, but it needs it's own. I've never been a talk show host that thinks he's right about everything just because I have (had) a microphone. Just about every talk show host I've ever heard thinks they are the expert on whatever topic they're babbling about. You're a schmuck who has likely A) never had a job outside of radio B) gets underpaid to do what you do because you're on a power trip C) never went to college - and my GOD I could go on and on. What I'm getting to is that THAT is exactly what social media is now. If you're on social media, YOU are what a talk show used to be. Everyone thinks they're the expert on any given topic. Let's take masks, for instance. That's the hot topic right now. It's debated ad nauseam. The Government telling you to wear one is violating your rights, they don't work, they work, they are spraying them with COVID to kill us all, etc. It amazes me that there are that many people out there that feel so strongly about something so insignificant. I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago. Everyone on the staff had masks on. That was enough indication for me to know that the medical professionals that do that for a living believe that they do indeed work.

But . . . you're a secretary for a car dealership, so you should know better than anyone. Right?



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