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Hey Kramer this is Theresa the nurse. I've been trying to get through on the phone but not able. My issue is the president  which I support wholeheartedly talks about all these hospitals but what about the doctor's offices. We are one of the only doctor's office in Panama City, I think there's one on the beach, pancare and the health department, that are doing covid-19 testing. We have other doctors offices sending patients to us so that we can do their testing. We are having issues getting supplies. We are being told that the supplies are going to the hospitals. Also we've been trying to get ahold of the rapid testing but they're only sending those to the states and cities that are being hit the hardest.  What are we supposed to do? I sent an email to the White House. I've contacted senator Dunn. No one seems to be able to help at this point. And they'll be just thought you'd like to know.

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