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[KRAMER BLOG] American's want to be entertained, not informed.

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[KRAMER BLOG] American's want to be entertained, not informed.


The average American is one kick in the head shy of not being able to legally drive a car - unless they're an illegal immigrant, and then it doesn't matter. They aren't too bright. The worst part of it all, is they don't KNOW that they're idiots. Sometimes I go around and around with myself in my head if it's a good thing or sad thing that we now have Facebook to see all the stupidity right before our very eyes.

The impeachment inquiry hearings began last week. For my job as a talk show host, I'd say that for every hour I'm on the air, I spend about 2 hours reading. When a big story like this is at center stage of the news and on people's lips, it rises to about 3 hours of reading per each hour on the air. So think about that for a moment. That is 45 hours a week spent JUST on reading news.

So, wouldn't that, you think, qualify me to give an overall summation of my thoughts on the news from last week?

I do . . . and here it comes.

I could get in to the minutiae of what was said at the hearings, the back and forth between Schiff and - pick the person, Taylor, Kent, or the jittery shaking-like-a-leaf-on-a-tree Yovanovitch, how I loved watching the cute Stefanik get pissed off at Schiff, or I could even talk about my absolute sheer disdain and antipathy for Adam Schiff alone. No. What seems to bother me the most after reading all the information I could get my hands on is . . .

American's don't give a shit about being informed.

They care about being entertained.

Fox News, Politico, Drudge, Trump, Trump's Twitter, Washington-Free Beacon, USA Today, Daily Caller, WTOP, Chicago Sun-Times, Toronto Star, NBC, Business Insider, Kellyanne Conway, Tucker Carlson, and the list goes on and on and on.

The longer I do this, a radio talk show for a living, the predictability of reactions is stunning. Everything is from a playbook on setting the narrative and tone. If you're reading this, you're likely to understand that, and what I mean. However, that isn't what's bothering me.

Follow me on this.

The average American that I spoke about above? Remember, one kick in the head shy of not being able to legally drive a car? Yeah, THOSE people are the ones who lack enough intelligence to actually sit down, listen to the testimony, and formulate an opinion based on actual information. Rather they form an opinion based on headlines and GOD FORBID - Facebook. 

Image result for slapping head"

It hurts my head. It actually hurts my head.

Do you think the average American has gone back and actually followed the money trail in Ukraine? Do you think they have any knowledge, whatsoever, of how all of the corruption between America and Ukraine happened? Do you think they have any clue who Petro Poroshenko was, and what hand he played in losing billions of American aid dollars? 

But where's the blow job talk? Where are the stories about cocaine and hookers? Where is the story about someone knifing someone in a stairwell at 3am?

Do we need to be entertained by the impeachment attempt of our sitting President of the United States of America? Is it not entertaining enough for you to see one of the most absolute incapable people on the PLANET in Adam Looney Tunes Schiff OVERSEEING the process to impeach our President? Isn't it more sad and bewildering than anything? Shouldn't we be saying this isn't fair, that this is screwed up, and that this is an injustice to the sanctity of this GREAT Country we live in? Shouldn't we be asking the question who is driving the ship in America right now? All these powerful people are spending countless hours (COUNTLESS HOURS) on trying to frame everything perfectly to impeach our President, but no one is doing anything to secure the Country, keep her on course for betterment, or begin change anew in other directions - like oh I don't know, securing the border, buttoning up awful infrastructure, continuing to get people off of welfare and get them back to work - - - - but you see, all that's just boring.

I have so much adoration and Patriotism for America, and that's why it really hurts to see it gladly turn itself into a circus.

Image result for new york times circus schiff cover"

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You are more entertaining than sean hannity covering all this. he says the same thing every show. mark lavin does real good too. jkeep it up. u shuld write more.....

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