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This is not a joke!

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I came on the air on October 9th.

Since then we've been thru 2 producers and a schedule change.

Being the producer of a talk show is 1) not as complicated as some may think and 2) way more complicated than some may think.

Did you read that?


So you have opinions on the news? THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A QUALIFIED CANDIDATE!

Here is what I want a producer to do:

*) Run the board and the computer that keeps the show moving. Playing commercials and keeping the show on time. I will teach you this.

*) Get guests. When I say, "Get me someone from the Sheriff's office to be on the show Friday to talk about the heroin epidemic..." - then make some phone calls and keep me up to date as that progresses. Keep in contact with promotion companies and pitch me available guests. Sign up for networking websites to find guests and build relationships for the future.

*) Answer the phones. When the phones ring, hustle, answer them, don't get into long winded conversations . . . you are there to keep calls flowing through the show. You are there to SCREEN calls and filter them so that they can make sense and are on topic.

*) Be here on time, always. You will never be late. Ever.

*) Know what's going on. We are constantly and ever keeping up with what is going on in the World. You must know, on some level, everything we will be discussing on each show. 

*) You will be organized to a fault. 

*) You will protect the radio station's license. You will know FCC rules and regulations.

*) You will be loyal. You will be on TEAM KRAMER and TEAM NEWS TALK AT 101 AT ALL TIMES. 

*) You will post content on these forums every day and you will bring me possible material to talk about on the show. You will be CONSTANTLY looking for important content for the show to talk about. CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT!

*) You will show up ready to have some fun! This is a fun job. When it isn't fun any more, we lose. WE WILL HAVE FUN DAMNIT! LOL!!!!!



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So, what does it pay?  I always wonder about folks around here that will put a for sale sign on a car with no price?  If you're serious about finding someone to produce your show, you might want to at least put up the range of the compensation package.  Does loyalty have a price?  You Bet..

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If you would TRUST me I would make you famous.  It's not that you are that good it is that the other talking heads are that bad, TV and radio.

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Kramer, I'm an expert on Republican Healthcare Reform, [someone has to be].  Just say this:  Warren Buffett is a card carrying Democrat who just loves Obamacare.  He should, before Obamacare if one of his Florida employees got cancer and became too sick to work Buffett would send them a COBRA extension notice and the employee would pay it because they have cancer.  This required Warren Buffett to spend $700,000 on expensive cancer treatments.  But NOW with Obamacare when the cancerous employee gets his COBRA notice he also qualifies for an Obamacare Special Enrollment Period or SEP which makes us goofy taxpayers pay to switch the sick employee off of Warren Buffett's liability and onto the Individual Market so self employed people's premiums skyrocket to the moon and Warren Buffett laughs all the way to the bank. 

If one talking head on radio or TV in America could repeat this FACT then the lazy politicians would learn how to say it too.

Obamacare is a scam - the biggest scam in history

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YES, I went way too fast.  I show you the biggest scam in history and you want a resume, unreal.  OK, I got the award for enrolling the 1st tax-free HSA in 1996 when they were called tax-free Medical Savings Accounts (MSA) in the old Paris Opera from Ben Cutler who founded America Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).  Today there are 27 million HSAs and they are the center-piece of Republican Healthcare Reform.  I really started something.  President Trump said at his 1st joint session of Congress, "We will replace Obamacare with tax credits and enhanced Health Savings Accounts."  IRAs are old taxed accounts.  HSAs enjoy tax free deposits, growth and withdrawals - AMEN!  Total tax FREEDOM!

Before the awards dinner in the old Paris Opera our hotel across the street, the La Grand, caught fire and my wife informed their 911.  Trust me, German Generals stayed in our room at the La Grande Hotel.

Image result for paris la grand hotel

Imagine if Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones reported how Democrat Warren Buffett was dumping his sickest employees onto the Self-Employed peoples' plans.  Trust me, every FAKE News paper in America is selling health insurance to their own employees that the employee loses if they get too sick to work with cancer.  FOX News is doing it too.

To fall desperately forever into Socialism "all we need" is for every radio talking head in America is to never to say a word. 

My Resume

by the way, I had 3 of the 1st 5 tax-free HSAs


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I will come clean with you Kramer.  Adam Putnam does these Up & Adam things for breakfast to get to know people and I went in Clearwater on 11/9/17.  There was only 10 of us.  Before breakfast I showed Adam how there are $50,000 Obamacare family premiums in Tallahassee in 2018.  Putnam said, "31 counties in Florida have only one insurance company to choose from - Blue Cross of Florida Incorporated."  That's smart!  Competition is critical in free and open markets In the past the State broke up MONOPOLIES but in 21st Century America the State creates and protects MONOPOLIES!.

We need Adam Putnam as Florida Governor because he isn't a boring, boring bald-headed politician.  Adam Putnam talks about prosperity. 

Anyway,  after breakfast  I told Adam the reason for the $50,000 family Obamacare premiums in Florida was because farmers are being screwed (I used farmers because Adam Putnam is Florida's setting Agriculture Commissioner).  Then I explained the Warren Buffett Scam above.  I could see in his eyes that he understood exactly what I was saying. 

Adam Putnam says, "That's not the only reason we have $50,000 family premiums in Florida!"   

I'm sure Adam Putnam was thinking about Dirty DeSantis blocking Obamacare Repeal in the House and riding shotgun for Obamacare to swindle hard working Floridians.

We need to drain the Washington DC swamp of dirty DeSantis and put him in the PRIVATE SECTOR where he belongs.  

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Illegal aliens are a drop in the bucket with our health insurance expense.  This is monumental widespread corruption at all levels of government.  If the CBO reports that food stamps are $600 billion over the next 10 years that is small compared to Medicaid's $6,000 billion over the same time period.  Medicare is larger.  It's out of control.


Then we have every level of government spending $30,000 per family to Blue Cross for city, county and State employees.  If interest rates go up 1% that will add $250 billion a year in additional interest on the debt.  American taxpayers didn't watch how much politicians were spending on health insurance.

Medicaid costs $10,000 a year per person and 1/3 of all of Californians are on Medicaid.

Think about it.  Blue Cross gets $30,000 a year for government employees' family health insurance.  1/3 of them are single parent families.  It's a scam.  

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Florida politicians have given Florida children to this creep who makes $22,000,000 per year, more than any other health insurance CEO.  That's right, Centene stock was $6 a share when Obama was elected and currently it is $106 a share.  Centene is a Missouri Medicaid company that turns its major stockholders into billionairs.

In Iowa they say that if you move the bottom counties of Iowa into Missouri you will double up the IQ of both states.

Taxpayers are paying this creep $10,000 a year for his GOVERNMENT contracts for Medicaid.

Somebody save the taxpayer from these politicians and those that bribe them.  It's like the mafia!

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