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Is It Wrong to Date Your Dead Boyfriend's 21-Year-Old Son?


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Somewhere in the world, Maury Povich is hearing about this story and just THROBBING with excitement.



A woman wrote into the "Ask Amy" newspaper advice column this week to ask about a unique family situation.



She'd been with her boyfriend for 25 years.  They have a son and daughter together, and he also cheated on her and had a 21-year-old son with another woman.  This woman didn't meet that kid until he was 15.



Well . . . the boyfriend died five months ago.  And now the woman is in a relationship with his SON.



Her excuse is that SHE'S not his mother, she didn't meet him until he was 15, and they're both adults.  But her kids have disowned her and called it disgusting.



And Ask Amy agreed with the kids.  Quote, "Your choice to engage in a sexual relationship with [your children's] half-brother a mere five months after their father's death is disgusting, a poor decision, and inappropriate."



Also, quote, "You may tell yourself, 'Woody Allen did almost this exact same thing' . . . and look at how things turned out for him." 


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