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A Guy Wakes up from a Drunk Night out . . . With His Penis Missing


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Well, we've finally found something worse than waking up from a super drunk night and finding one of your kidneys missing.



A 44-year-old guy named Tan Nan in Hunan, in southern China, recently went out drinking.  And he put down so much that he passed out drunk.



When he woke up the next morning . . . he found his PENIS was missing.



That's right, he was so drunk he didn't notice someone chopping it off.



There was some good news for him, though . . . at least, as good of news as you can get when someone just chopped off your junk.  Whoever did it left Tan's package right next to him.



So he rushed himself and his junk to the hospital . . . and after a seven-hour surgery, doctors were able to reattach it and get it working again.



Tan says he has no idea who chopped off his penis or why they did it. 

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