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Things are so bad for Britney Spears, her Father won't let her have a cell phone?


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Britney Spears conservatorship is going smoothly, according to a new report, despite rumors of turmoil between the pop star and her family, which has been legally responsible for Spears for more than a decade.

Spears is spending her days relaxing with her personal trainer boyfriend Sam Asghari in Los Angeles, getting regular acupuncture and massages and beauty treatments, since ending her Las Vegas residency in January, TMZ reports.

While fans have speculated there’s an internal power struggle between Spears’ divorcedparents over how much freedom their daughter should have — with some fans using the #FreeBritney hashtag on social media — the gossip site’s sources say she’s free to go where she pleases, except liquor stores.

She’s in touch with her father, Jamie, more than ever, calling him multiple times a day, according to TMZ sources. Jamie Spears has been his daughter’s legal guardian since 2002.

The one thing Spears is fighting her parents on: She’s desperate for an iPhone, but Jamie and Lynne Spears don’t want greedy hangers-on with ulterior motives to have too much access to the vulnerable star.

The conservatorship is currently under a court-ordered review.

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