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Costco store managers' 'surprising' 6-figure salaries revealed


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Watch out, WalmartOpens a New Window. — CostcoOpens a New Window. is trying to give its rival retail giant a run for its money (literally) when it comes to paying some of its top store managers.

Roughly a week after Walmart shared in a new reportOpens a New Window. that its U.S. store managers are taking home an average of $175,000 a year, Reader's DigestOpens a New Window. resurfaced just how much Costco is shelling out in comparison. And the publication says its findings are pretty "surprising."

    According to GlassdoorOpens a New Window., general managers at the chain get an average base pay of over $106,000. Overall, their salaries range from nearly $50,000 to $180,000. Meanwhile, warehouse managers make between $52,000 to $146,000 each year, while assistant managers typically take in around $85,000.

    But, as Reader's Digest points out, these totals don't even include the various benefits the employees enjoy throughout the year including bonuses, stocks and commission which can tack on an additional $8,000 or so annually.

    "Salary and benefits are great for the industry ... great culture," a full-time Costco employee, who has been working at the company in Virginia for more than a decade, commented on Glassdoor's review. "[The company's] adaptive to growth and innovation as shoppers turn online for groceries."

    Glassdoor named Costco one of the best places to work in 2019 after a year hiatus off the list.

    In June 2018 the wholesale retailer announced it was raising its minimum wage to $14 per hour from $13 and this past March management boosted that rate to $15.00-$15.50, as noted by CFO Richard Galanti on the company's March earnings call.

    In comparison, Walmart and Target pay $11 and $13, respectively.

    Costco pays employees some of the highest wages among U.S. retailersOpens a New Window. — with the average hourly salary of $22.50.

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