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Trump ‘Collusion Delusion’ merch is flying off the shelves


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Trump items ripping results of Mueller probe flying off shelves


Nancy Pelosi won’t be stockpiling this swag.

President Trump’s post-Mueller-report victory lap includes new merchandise such as $30 “Collusion Delusion” T-shirts and “Witch Hunt!” mugs.


Buyers are also snatching up white tees that reproduce Trump’s March 24, 1:42 p.m. tweet following Attorney General William Barr’s announcement of his summary of Mueller’s findings:

“Complete and Total EXONERATION.” The “Witch Hunt!” and “No collusion” taglines also come in decals ($9) and beverage coolers ($8).


Trump 'Collusion Delusion' merch is flying off the shelves https://trib.al/o0qPvPd 


The shop.donaldjtrump.com site is authorized by Trump For President Inc. and the Republican National Committee.

Sales surged on April 18, the day the redacted Mueller report was released, said campaign officials.

“Our Mueller-related merchandise has been doing exceptionally well. Our supporters are even more energized,” said First Daughter-in-law Lara Trump.

Campaign spokeswoman Erin Perrine said, “President Trump is a branding master and all of the best ideas come from his messaging and tweets.”

The store’s best seller, by far, remains the $25 “Make America Great Again” caps, which are closing in on their 1 millionth sale.

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