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You Could Save $1,497 a Month if You Only Bought the Bare Essentials?


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You have to pay bills and buy food each month.  But how much could you save if you cut out all NON-essentials . . . everything from alcohol to Netflix?



A new survey claims the average American could save $1,497 a month . . . or about $18,000 a year.  Here are the top ten non-essential things we spend money on . . .



1.  Dinner at restaurants, $209 a month.


2.  Drinks with friends or co-workers, $189.


3.  Takeout or delivery for dinner, $178.


4.  Going out for lunch instead of packing a lunch, $174.


5.  Impulse purchases, $109.  (So the top five alone add up to $859.)


6.  Ubers and Lyfts for non-essential trips, $96.


7.  Personal care, like massages or manicures, $94.


8 Subscription boxes, like Blue Apron and FabFitFun, also $94.


9.  Cable, $91.  Plus another $23 for things like Netflix and Hulu.


10.  Online shopping for stuff you don't really need, $84.

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