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A Rundown of Hollywood Salaries, Including the $27 Million Ryan Reynolds Banked from Netflix


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"Variety" put out a 'sampling' of Hollywood salaries, which includes both upcoming movies and ones that are already out.



It's not quite like the '90s, when actors like Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, and Jim Carrey could command $20 million for any movie they starred in, but some of today's stars are still making serious bank.



Here are the salaries they listed . . .



1.  Ryan Reynolds, "Six Underground" (no release date), $27 million


2.  Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw" (2019), $20 million


3.  Robert Downey Jr., "The Voyage of Doctor Doolittle" (2020), $20 million


4.  Will Smith, "Bad Boys for Life" (2020), $17 million


5.  Jason Statham, "Hobbs & Shaw" (2019), $13 million


6.  Tom Cruise, "Top Gun: Maverick" (2020), $12 to $14 million


7.  Emily Blunt, "A Quiet Place 2" (2020), $12 to $13 million


8.  Gal Gadot, "Wonder Woman 1984" (2020), $10 million


9.  Brad Pitt, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" (2019), $10 million


10.  Leonardo DiCaprio, "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood" (2019), $10 million, which "Variety" says is half his rate.  Same story for Brad Pitt.  They reportedly took pay-cuts for Quentin Tarantino to do it together.


11.  Margot Robbie, "Birds of Prey" (2020), $9 to 10 million


12.  Idris Elba, "Hobbs & Shaw" (2019), $8 million


13.  Ben Affleck, "Triple Frontier" (2019), $8 million


14.  Kristen Stewart, "Charlie's Angels" (2019), $7 million


15.  Martin Lawrence, "Bad Boys for Life" (2020), $6 million


16.  Joaquin Phoenix, "Joker" (2019), $4.5 million


17.  Jessica Chastain, "It: Chapter 2" (2019), $2.5 million


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