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This local VERY RACIST picture was posted by a student at Mosley High School.


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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. -- According to the A. Crawford Mosley High School Facebook page, administrators are currently investigating after a student posted a racially insensitive photo on social media. 

On Wednesday, they posted this message: "This afternoon we were made aware of a racially insensitive social media post by one of our students. While we know this did not happen on our school campus, we take these incidents very seriously. We are currently looking into the situation to determine our next steps and consequences."

Mosley principal Brian Bullock also sent a statement to News 13:

Late yesterday afternoon, administrators at A. Crawford Mosley High School were made aware of a racially-insensitive post that was circulating on social media. We immediately reached out to the family of the student involved and began working together to address this situation.

While the photo appears not to have been posted from school, the content and message are disturbing and represent a violation of the student code of conduct.  Messages of this nature, which can cause disruptions at school, are not tolerated by school or district officials. However, due to student confidentiality requirements, no additional information will be released regarding this situation or consequences assigned.
Today we have used this situation to continue our frank discussions with our students about the consequences of posting inflammatory content to social media. We have heard a lot of positive talk, and candid conversations, going on around campus today as a result of this situation and we are encouraged by what we hear. We will continue to stress responsible use of social media to our students and we encourage all of our parents to do the same. 

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