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A New Plastic Surgery Procedure Can Sculpt Your Belly Fat into a Six Pack


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 Finally, I've got a shot at a six pack.



Doctors at the University of Miami have just come up with a new plastic surgery procedure where they SCULPT your BELLY FAT into a six pack.



Here's how it works.  They use liposuction to suck some of the fat out of your stomach, then they use a vibrating tube to shape the remaining fat so it looks like abs.



When the procedure is done, you have to wear foam on your abs for several weeks to help your new fake abs set in properly.



As for the results, they look . . . interesting.  The before-and-after pictures of a woman's abs look pretty natural, but the before-and-after of a guy's abs are more dramatic and look just a little off. 



There's no word on when plastic surgeons could start offering this procedure or how much it might cost. 

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