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Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill reportedly tells fiancée in recording: You need to be terrified of me, too


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NFL player accused of hitting son warns fiancée to be 'terrified, too': report


A woman believed to be the fiancée of Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill told the NFL player their 3-year-old son “is terrified" of him in an audio recording released by a local television station Thursday in which she accused him of hitting the child.

The woman, identified as Crystal Espinal, told Hill that their son repeatedly said he broke his arm and that he is scared of his father, according to the recording obtained by KCTV,

Hill, 25, reportedly responds, “You need to be terrified of me, too.”

During the 11-minute recording, both parents accused each other of using belts to discipline the child. Fox News could independently confirm the authenticity of the recording.

The Chief's general manager Brett Veach said Hill "will not be partaking in any team activities," Sports Illustrated reported.

The station said Espinal recorded the conversation while in Dubai and gave it to a friend. It was released a day after prosecutors declined to brings charges against Hill following an alleged battery investigation.

During the discussion with Espinal, Hill talked about teaching his son respect, the report said.

“Everywhere we go, my son loves on me,” he said. “And when we get home it’s for real. It’s serious time. It’s time to locked in because he know I don’t play.”

A representative for Hill did not immediately return a Fox News request for comment early Friday.

Police investigated two alleged battery incidents at Hill’s Overland Park, Kan. home after his son broke his arm, according to the Kansas City Star. The boy was eventually removed from his parents’ custody.

Espinal appeared to remind Hill that she helped him avoid punishment when investigators questioned the couple over their son’s injuries, according to the recording.

“So now I really want you to really sit and think about it because I rode for you against that detective and the C.P.S. people,” she said, referring to the Kansas Department for Children and Families, which previously investigated the incident.

Hill told Espinal he didn’t do anything, to which she replied, “a 3-year-old is not going to lie about what happened to his arm.” She also accused Hill of punching their son in the chest.

Hill has been accused of domestic violence in the past. He was arrested in 2014 while he was at Oklahoma State and pleaded to guilty to assaulting and choking Espinal, who was eight weeks pregnant at the time, according to the Times.

He was kicked off the team and sentenced to three years probation.

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