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Cher questions Bernie Sanders for saying Boston bomber deserves right to vote


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Cher calls out Bernie Sanders' plan to allow killers, Boston Bomber to vote


Music superstar Cher hit back at 2020 Democratic frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday after he argued that criminals serving time in prison, including the Boston Marathon bomber, should be able to vote.

During a CNN town hall on Monday night, Sanders was asked by a Harvard student if he supports “enfranchising people” like Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whom she noted was a “convicted terrorist and murderer,” as well as “those convicted of sexual assault.”

Sanders said he wanted a “vibrant democracy” with a “higher voter turnout.” He argued that despite being in prison for any crime, “everybody can vote” and such a right should be given “even for terrible people.”

Gutfeld on Bernie Sanders letting felons vote from prison

Gutfeld on Bernie Sanders letting felons vote from prison

Just days after the deadly Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka, Democrats tackle stuff that truly matters: Should felons be able to vote?

“This is what I believe. Do you believe in democracy? Do you believe that every single American 18 years of age or older who is an American citizen has the right to vote?” Sanders later said. “This is a democracy. We’ve got to expand that democracy and I believe that every single person does have the right to vote.”

Cher took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to sound off on Sanders’ position in a since-deleted tweet.



“Does Bernie Sanders really believe [people] in prison who are murderers!? Rapists!? Child Molesters!? Boston bombers… still deserve the right to vote!?” Cher asked her 3.65 million followers.

The Hollywood icon defended her stance, telling one of her critics that any convicted child molesters, rapists, or murderers of any race should not "keep [their] right to vote.”

This follows another tweet from Cher suggesting that Los Angeles should take care of the homeless in its city before welcoming asylum seekers, something President Trump celebrated.


In case you missed it last week when I thanked you for rallying against the insanity of sanctuary cities, welcome to The Republican Party. #RedPilled https://twitter.com/cher/status/1120774564189880320 


Donald Trump Jr. praised Cher’s tweet and “welcomed” her to the Republican Party.

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