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SandJam begins setting up on Panama City Beach


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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - We're less than a week out from the start of SandJam and organizers have already started setting up at the M. B. Miller County Pier!

Using over twelve hundred pieces of Duradeck, a type of plastic sheeting, workers constructed a road for heavy machinery and vehicles to drive on the beach and not get stuck in the sand.

Once the road is complete, the crew will start construction on both of the stages for the event.

Organizers say that although this music festival will be a lot of fun, it also has a deeper meaning.

"One of the things we're trying to do this year is to build awareness of the damage of this Category 5 hurricane that came through and devastated our community. And so we have a lot of national media coming in, we've got a lot of national magazines and press coming in, just so they can see the devastation," said Rendy Lovelady, a producer for SandJam.

Ten dollars for every ticket sold will go towards hurricane relief.

Tickets are still available for SandJam with headlining acts Kings of Leon, Third Eye Blind, and Young the Giant.

For more information about the event and where to buy tickets visit their website at http://sandjamfest.com/.

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