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GUESS THE CRIME: Hint - prosthetic leg


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A Woman Beat Up Her Boyfriend with His Prosthetic Leg After He Dumped Her


HIGHLIGHTS:  A woman in Louisiana was so upset when her boyfriend dumped her last week that she beat him up . . . with his own PROSTHETIC LEG.  She was arrested for aggravated battery.



FULL STORY:  Does this count as kicking yourself?



There's a 58-year-old woman named Michelle Jackson in Marrero, Louisiana.  And last week, her 59-year-old boyfriend dumped her for good after a six-year on-again, off-again relationship.



And that made Michelle so angry that she did the only logical thing . . . later that night, while he was asleep, she grabbed his PROSTHETIC LEG and started hitting him with it.



He wound up with a pretty nasty cut on his head . . . and she was arrested for aggravated battery. 

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