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GUESS THE CRIME - hint: anus


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Eusebio Padilla was arrested after officers found 44 diamonds in his anal cavity that he was going to trade for drugs, cops said.


A New Mexico man faces multiple charges after police found over four dozen diamonds in a bag inside his anal cavity that he allegedly planned on trading for drugs, KOB 4 reported.

Twenty-three-year-old Eusebio Padilla was arrested on charges including receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence after what began as a routine traffic stop on April 7. Police pulled him over for allegedly riding a motorcycle without a license plate.

Police said they spotted a knife on Padilla and patted him down. He was caught attempting to remove “a baggy” from his rear at some point during the traffic stop, according to a criminal complaint filed in Albuquerque’s Metropolitan Court.

Police said they found 44 diamonds inside the bag recovered from Padilla’s rectum. The man allegedly told officers that he obtained the jewels from his uncle who “usually has stolen items,” KOB 4 reported.

The criminal complaint alleges that Padilla planned on trading the rare gemstones for drugs. It is not known if Padilla has an attorney.

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