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City of Lynn Haven served by the FBI! UHHHH OHHHHHH!


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LYNN HAVEN — The city of Lynn Haven was served subpoenas by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last Friday related to former City Manager Michael White and two Bay County businesses.

The subpoenas requested “any and all” paperwork related to White, including his personnel file, contracts, agreements, emails, text messages, credit card statements, invoices submitted to the city for reimbursement, cancelled checks paying those reimbursements and payroll. Two other subpoenas were served related to city business with Erosion Care Specialists and Greenleaf Lawn Care, requesting “any and all documents and records relating to the two companies, including even email and text communications between city employees and individuals associated with the company.

The city can either provide all the documentation requested to the FBI or appear before a grand jury on May 7 with the documents said.

According to the state’s Division of Corporations, Greenleaf Lawn Care of Bay County, LLC lists Joshua Daniel Anderson as the registered agent, with Serenity Anderson and Tiffany White listed as Title Shareholders.

Erosion Control Specialists lists Tiffany White as the registered agent and president, with David White listed as the director.

White was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on March 17 in connection with a domestic violence incident during which he allegedly pointed a firearm at his wife twice during an argument. He was suspended with pay that day and later resigned, but was, through his contract, paid a significant amount of money through the terms of his resignation, which included $5,691.20 in accrued salary, $21,342 in accrued personal time off, $5,122.08 in full accrued sick leave, $375 as a pro rata portion of car allowance, $336.20 as a pro rata portion of health insurance, $37.50 as a pro rata portion of cellphone allowance and $14,000.46 in repair costs for his personal ATV which was damaged while being used for official city business following Hurricane Michael.

During an emergency commission meeting following his arrest, Lynn Haven Mayor Margo Anderson alluded to more issues coming out, saying “There’s more information that going to be coming forward. I’ll leave it right there.” She asked to be named the acting city manager, stating “This week, I believe, is a time that is very timely that I make sure what Mr. White was doing is what I believed he was doing, and I have to find that out.”

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