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Tiger Woods Won the Masters . . . His First Major in Over 10 Years


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TIGER WOODS is back.  Or at least he was yesterday.  He won the Masters at 13 under par.  It was his first victory in a Major tournament since he won the U.S. Open in June of 2008 . . . almost 11 years ago.



As everyone knows, his run as the best golfer in the world was sidetracked shortly after that by multiple back surgeries . . . not to mention his insatiable lust for white women.



This was Tiger's 15th major title, and he's now just three behind record holder JACK NICKLAUS, who has 18. 



Maybe he can get back to the business of surpassing Jack now.  There was a time before Tiger's "troubles" that everyone thought it was a foregone conclusion.



After his victory, Tiger said, quote, "It's overwhelming, just because of what has transpired.  Last year, I was lucky to be playing again."



The total purse for the Masters was $11.5 million, with Tiger pocketing more than $2 million for winning.  Runners up Dustin Johnson, Xander Schauffele, and Brooks Koepka each got about $869,000.  (Here's the full breakdown.)






(Here's video of Tiger hugging his son Charlie after the win . . . along with a clip of him hugging his late dad in 1997.)




Originally posted on April 15th, 2019

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