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How Gross Are You Compared to Everyone Else?


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Do you think you're cleaner or dirtier than the average person?  Well now you can find out.  Almost 500,000 people recently took an online poll on hygiene and cleanliness.  Here are seven questions and how people answered them . . .



1.  How often do you change your sheets?  50% of us usually go more than a month, including 6% who said they "pretty much never" change them.



2.  How often do you brush your teeth?  Only 48% said they ALWAYS brush twice a day.  Another 38% said once or twice "depending on the situation."



3.  What's an acceptable amount of time to leave dishes in the sink?  55% said one day . . . 23% said a few days . . . 3% said longer . . . and 19% said do them immediately.



4.  How often do you clean your bathroom?  71% said at least once a month . . . 22% said a few times a year . . . and 7% said never.



5.  How often do you shower?  57% said once a day . . . 7% said twice a day . . . 35% DON'T shower every day . . . and 1% said they don't even shower every WEEK.



6.  Do you ever wear a shirt twice without washing it?  87% said yes.  And 27% would also wear UNDERWEAR a second time.  That includes 4% who do it "ALL the time."



7.  Do you always wash your hands after using the bathroom?  56% said yes, always . . . 41% said they sometimes skip it . . . and 3% RARELY wash their hands. 

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