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The story of a Florida man who says his Army of turtles will destroy EVERYONE!


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Thomas Devaney Lane has been charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest without violence and misusing 911.


A self-proclaimed “saint” was arrested in a coastal Florida town Sunday after screaming obscenities and threatening to unleash an army of turtles, an arrest affidavit reportedly said.

Authorities received multiple calls about a man who was disturbing the peace at several businesses in Indialantic, a town about 75 miles southeast of Orlando, the affidavit said. The suspect, later identified as 61-year-old Thomas Devaney Lane, was calling himself “the saint” and allegedly said his army of turtles would “destroy everyone,” WKMG reported.

Lane accompanied a responding officer back to police headquarters where he pounded on the walls and glass before leaving the station, police said. Officers later found him in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven where he allegedly cursed out customers and called 911, Orlando's Fox 35 reported.

Lane allegedly told the 911 operator that the responding officer “needed to leave now or you will all be sorry you f---ed with the saint,” the report said.

Police said Lane refused to exit his vehicle and was taken out by force. During that ordeal, Lane allegedly continued to shout obscenities while warning passers-by about an impending army of turtles, Fox 35 reported.

Lane was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest without violence and misusing 911, Florida Today reported. He taken into Brevard County Jail Complex later released on bail, the report said.

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