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Micro 'skinny dipping' bikini with invisible straps comes with 'caution,' causes social media frenzy


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‘Skinny-dipping’ bikini spurs caution, causes social media frenzy


A women's online fashion brand's jaw-dropping string bikini – complete with clear straps – is a new addition to the swimwear collection, and it comes with a warning: "Caution, this bikini ain’t for the faint-hearted."

The sexy two-piece, which is labeled the "Skinny Dipping Clear Strap Micro Triangle Bikini" and is sold by online retailer Oh Polly, comes in flesh-colored shades including burnt orange and cream.


"Make tan lines a thing of the past in our clear strap micro bikini top, it covers the essentials. The triangles are adjustable to achieve your desired level of reveal," Oh Polly, a U.K.-based brand, writes in a description of the roughly $20 bikini top.


The bikini is labeled the "Skinny Dipping Clear Strap Micro Triangle Bikini."

The bikini is labeled the "Skinny Dipping Clear Strap Micro Triangle Bikini." (ohpolly.com)

The bikini bottom, which are sold separately for the same price, showcases one's derrière with its high-cut, thong fit.

"Feeling risky? Our high rise thong bikini bottoms do the most while being the least," the site states. "Featuring delicate clear straps and adjustable material to achieve your desired level of reveal."

Oh Polly posted a photo of a woman sporting the barely-there bikini on Instagram Monday, garnering nearly 45,000 likes. Hundreds of people commented on the online retailer's post — some complimenting the design with others dubbing it a failure.

"Reckon they’ve failed on this one," one user commented, earning agreement from a friend.

"This what a bikini is nowadays?!" a confused woman asked.

"Is that body included?" another pondered, referring to the model featured in the image.

But some fashionistas were eager to test out what they called the "unreal" bikini.

"Ouuuuh i want this one," one woman wrote, along with a drooling emoji.

"Not to be dramatic but I’d die for this," another woman added, while another female argued she wouldn't wear it in "a hundred years."

It appears the bikini has already run out of several sizes for both the tops and bottoms, prompting Oh Polly to arrange more shipments.

"This will be restocked within the next week," the brand confirmed in an Instagram post.

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