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Lynn Haven considers switching to a "strong mayor government"


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Former Lynn Haven City Manager Michael White resigned last week, leaving many asking how the city plans to move forward. Mayor Margo Anderson created a Facebook post asking people how they feel about changing the city's charter to have a "strong mayor government."


For many cities in Florida, the city manager plays a big role in local government including Lynn Haven.

"Most people have a different view of that. They think the mayor controls all of the spending and day-to-day operations of the city and it's simply not true," said Lynn Haven Mayor Margo Anderson.

Last week, Anderson posted a poll on Facebook asking residents how they feel about changing the city's charter so the mayor has more say in day-to-day operations.

Anderson said the strong mayor government allows mayors to have more control of their cities.

"There are some cities in Florida which have a strong mayor government which gives the city opportunity, if they don't like the way things are going, they can fire that mayor at the end of the election," said Anderson.

Anderson said she's worked with two different city manager's during her tenure and soon it'll be a third, once they find a new city manager.

She said this new government system will provide more stability but others prefer to keep things the way they are.

"Normally once you have a city manager in place and they're doing a good job, that city manager is gonna stay in place," said Lynn Haven Commissioner Rodney Friend. "Elections come and go every 4 years and you might just have a new person every four years. I just like stability and consistency."

To amend the city's charter, commissioners would need to vote to put a referendum on the ballot and voters would have to approve it.

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