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Couple, ages 103 and 100, celebrate birthdays -- and 82 years of marriage


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Couple, both over 100, have stayed together 82 years


Kindness may be the secret to a long-lasting marriage as well as a long life for a North Carolina couple who just celebrated their 100th and 103rd birthdays, which are just seven days apart, according to a local news station.

D.W. Williams, 103, and Willie Williams, 100, have been married for 82 years. Their families threw them a party at a local Baptist church to mark their milestone birthdays, Charlotte's WSOC-TV reported.

When asked if she had the secret to a long-lasting marriage, Willie Williams replied, “Just be nice to each other.”


Trust and communication are some of the things they say it takes to keep a healthy, long marriage.

But, a local couple celebrating their birthdays, 100 and 103, may have all the answers to making it through to 80 plus years of marriage. https://on.wsoctv.com/2UoNjD7 


“They are each other's best friend,” their granddaughter added of the couple.

D.W. Williams joked with a reporter that if they had another 100 years to live they might just “sit around the house.”

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