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A Woman Is Busted Driving Around on Just a Rim with a Margarita in Her Cup Holder


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There's really no drunk like tequila drunk.



The cops in Tulsa, Oklahoma were doing a traffic stop on Saturday night when, suddenly, they saw someone missing a right front tire drive past them.  So she was just driving on a RIM.



The cops quickly wrapped up their stop, and then they followed the other car and pulled it over.



It turned out it was a 28-year-old woman named Amy Dillion.  She told the cops she'd only had a couple of tequila shots, but a few things gave away that she was lying.



One, the whole "driving on a rim" thing.  Two, she could barely stand up and failed a bunch of sobriety tests.  And three . . . the cops found a full MARGARITA in her cup holder.



She wound up blowing a .21 on the Breathalyzer test, so she was arrested on several charges.



The cops aren't sure exactly how she lost her tire, but she could face extra hit-and-run charges if it turns out she lost it by crashing into something. 

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