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This is from someone on my Facebook page:


Yesterday we had an all day session with Team Rubicon removing deadly widow maker trees from our yard, and this morning were shocked to see a small white sign with a Bay County, Florida logo at the end of our street stating, final pass complete, no roadside dumping, Florida Statute 403.413, that the final pass for FEMA was made and we can't put anything on the roadside (easement). The sign suddenly appeared overnight. Well, it took months to get Team Rubicon to come. They are a faith-based volunteer group comprised of professionals who are disaster response teams. They cut down the endangering trees, brought in a giant a crane and a huge bobcat to remove them in pieces to the easement, neatly stacked. Members came from Idaho, California and south Florida. These amazing people pay their own way, never asked for anything but a smile and then even bought us lunch which we ate in the shade of two trees that are still standing and we couldn't even pay for that.

We are an elderly couple. I am 76 and my husband is 78 living on minimum Social Security. This sign has emotionally destroyed us, placed here by the Bay County Commissioners. We got estimates for those trees. It would have been $4K to remove them. We have no insurance because we were told at purchase, the mobile home was too old. $2K for a flimsy fence, $1,500 for a $300 weatherhead installed professionally because my husband is not a licensed electrician. There were electrical problems caused by a FEMA truck, ad nauseum with no concern by the crew violating their own safety standards by working under a 40,000 volt high tension wire which ripped the retention clip from our house endangering all of us and them.

What happens now? Do we get fined by the Bay County Waste Management Trust? If you think that what I am writing is untrue just a Google search for the statute and the penalty. Another question for the people reading this - have you ever missed a tax bill? Ever? Where was our notification? We have no cable, not interested in fake news on the radio, and are sick and tired of this stinking corruption.

FEMA should not be leaving. What does the Federal Emergency Management Act mean? FEMA SHOULD NOT BE LEAVING. This whole FEMA situation had changes made on the fly authorized by the County Commission. Their job hasn't even begun. There were a lot of players...FEMA contractors, Waste Management, the city and county governments; the state. The only one who really knows is Rep. Dr. Neal Dunn, MD. Who the hell is in charge of what? We were destroyed in Bay County, FL and the end isn't even in sight. Who negotiated these corrupt contracts? Want to know? Your tool is Florida Statute, FS119, the Public Records Law which states you may remain anonymous - don't have to identify yourself, nor do you have to give a reason for your request. To be denied, there are very strict rules to prevent them unless their exemption states "in particularity", the reason for denying your request for documents. The records must be available within several business days.

So, tomorrow, on radio station 101.1 fm, the Kramer Show, these requests hopefully will be made and agents will pick up all of the information at the reception desk of the County Commission, etc. And then they will be available. PLEASE CALL IN AT 850-233-9988 The program runs from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. I have made arrangements to call in at 7 a.m. There may be a small wait, but you will hear our story.


All of Bay County needs an extension. Multiple media informed the public that the FEMA work would be extended to May. I live in Bayou George, and 2301 is a mess. Anyone who doesn't call the County Commission deserves exactly what they are getting. Early this week call Rep. Dunn, don't waste your time with chicken farmer Gainer. I assure you where he lives doesn't look like where you live. When people are financially devastated, ill, or senior citizens, and those trying to cope with this nightmare the absurdity of the Commission's decision must be immediately rescinded. Rep. Dunn must stop FEMA from leaving until their mandated job is complete. We tell them what to do, not the other way around. It's not over till it's over.

This was a catastrophic, historical storm with catastrophic historical damage. We pay property taxes. Why? An irresponsible significant waste of money was spent on 2301 using Crack Seal. Commissioners made measurements of linear feet which was one linear foot shy of the necessity to submit that contract out for bid because of their inaccurate measurements. This contract was awarded to an Alabama firm without bid. Our politicians in Bay County need to get their acts together and buy trucks and equipment necessary to manage a catastrophe to cart away the debris. Measurements were made specifically to qualify for a no-bid contract with a shyster outfit from Alabama to apply this product. After a year, then what. Repave the roads to which it was applied at more expense? It stinks of kickbacks.

We are being screwed as usual without lube. And yes, we are totally forgotten and now abandoned. We have paid for this cleanup job. The county, state and federal governments are responsible for the misuse of this obscene action and the theft of our taxes. WE STILL HAVE PEOPLE IN TENTS. A friend of mine who sustained great damage got a notice from the county to remove her RV from her private property. Who in the world would have authorized such bullshit.

I hope you understand we are not going to kick us in the ass again. And you can forget about re-election. Why don't you ask the first responders what they did with the bodies of the dead from Mexico Beach. I heard this from a minister who was told by first responders who were there first. It would be highly unlikely that anyone would find out about it because we are a tourist attraction.

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