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Bizarre new 'crotchless pants' slammed by confused shoppers


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People have referred to the item as "crotchless pants."

When it comes to following fast fashion trends, we like to follow the age-old saying "sometimes less is more".

But now ASOS has turned the fashion rulebook on its head with its new bonkers bum-flashing leg harness — which really makes us wish there was more to it.


Something of a underwear/cycling short hybrid, this baffling item features a somewhat flattering high-waisted cut.


But what we really can't wrap our heads around — from both a practical and fashion standpoint — is the bizarre cut outs over the bum, crotch and thighs.

And while ASOS usually provides helpful hints on how to style their products in the description, the brand simply chose to write: "It's already got your attention..."

That's one thing they've got right.

Unsurprisingly, the bonkers leg harness has already been torn to sheds by fashion fans -- a bit like the design, funnily enough.

Shared on the asbos_sos Instagram account, one fan slammed the unflattering design as "horrific."

Meanwhile, another bemused shopper joked in the caption: "What do we want? Extra pronounced leg bulges! When do we want them? Between 10:42 and 11:42 tomorrow!"

Labeling the experimental design as both "ugly" and "hilarious," one user rationally wrote: "I don't see a circumstance that would require wearing those.

"But I bet they'll be all over the festivals."

Meanwhile, another user was equally as confused by what category the item falls under and replied: "Cycling shorts chaps. Genius."

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